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Atypical development of language: what we know and don't know




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Speaker: Professor Nicola Botting

Series: Dean's Lecture Series, School of Health Sciences

"Atypical language development crosses many different developmental disorders, but sometimes occurs as the primary difficulty in a child's development. Over the past few decades a great deal of progress has been made in establishing some key facts about developmental language difficulties especially regarding associated mechanisms such as memory, emotional health and long term outcomes. This lecture will outline some of these findings and then lead into some areas about which we know less - How can we best measure language change? Are there different developmental pathways of atypical language? Is language impairment a domain-specific or a domain general difficulty? Is the nature of language difficulties the same across different disorders? How can we help children with atypical language?"

nullNicola began her career with a BSc(hons) in Psychology at Hertfordshire. Following this, she studied for an MA in Clinical Child Psychology at Nottingham, and later a PhD in Child Health at Liverpool. Her interests span a range of developmental disorders, including low birth weight, ADHD and childhood anxiety, but focus primarily on communication disorders such as autism and developmental language impairment. Following a number of years as research associate at the University of Manchester, she came to CUL as a Reader in 2005. Nicola has over 50 publications in the area of atypical language development and associated developmental pathways, is joint-editor of the RCSLT journal (IJLCD), and is co-grant holder on the Manchester Language Study, a large scale longitudinal study following individuals with  language impairment from 7 years of age into adulthood.

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6.00pm - 7.00pmWednesday 26th November 2014

City, University of London Northampton Square London EC1V 0HB United Kingdom

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