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The Thinkwell Website - Enablement Actions for Patients’ and Public Understanding of Health Research



Speaker: Amanda Burls, Professor Public Health, Division of Health Services Research and Management, City University London

ThinkWell was started by a group of doctors, patients, health care service users, and health researchers to create a platform to enable members of the public to join together to plan and undertake health research and to help people understand what makes health claims trustworthy. Anyone who believes that health research should try to address the questions that are most important to ordinary people and patients can join. ThinkWell is committed to undertaking high quality research that minimizes bias.

ThinkWell turns health research on its head by allowing the public to lead health research (with support from health researchers and professionals to ensure that the research is valid and reliable) instead of health researchers and professionals setting the research agenda and patients and the public simply being the subjects of, or participants in, this research.

This seminar will discuss the importance of public understanding of health research for shared decision-making and the way ThinkWell is helping to contribute to this.

Amanda Burls is a public health physician. She founded and directs ThinkWell. She has been a Senior Fellow of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine since 1996 where she coordinates and facilitates the Spanish-speaking groups and runs plenary sessions on teaching Evidence-Based-Health-Care (EBHC). She joined the University of Birmingham in 1997 as a Senior Clinical Lecturer and while there she founded and directed the West Midlands Health Technology Assessment Collaboration which produced systematic reviews and economic evaluations to inform local, regional and national health policy decisions. In 2008 Amanda became Director of Postgraduate Programmes in EBHC at the University of Oxford where she set up the Oxford International Programme in EBHC. In 2011 she co-organised a Conference on Enhancing Public Understanding of Health Research, which resulted in the formation of the international Network for Enhancing Understanding of Health Research.

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When & where

1.00pm - 2.15pmTuesday 15th July 2014

AG24B College Building City, University of London St John Street London EC1V 4PB United Kingdom