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Suona Italiano: Unlimited Minds -1




Series: City University London Concert Series

The first of two concerts featuring electronic music from composers across four Italian conservatoires.

Part of

Suona Italiano 2014

A diversified set of artistic and scientific productions stems out from the Schools of Electronic Music within Italian Conservatories. Research is its grounding factor and its most conspicuous aspiration, both when it is applied to instrumental conception and to performance modalites, or when it expresses itself with sounds and musical forms that integrate electronics along with traditional instruments. Technologies - both analog and digital - are adopted, modified and created always converging towards the same goal, that is to extend the expressive boundaries of composition, performance and listening of music. The act of handing out these suggestions along with a vision of our contemporary world must inevitably follow paths that were clearly marked by electronic music and its own peculiar creative thinking. Stylistic freedom and heterogeity, along with the constant renewal of show forms that this music can offer, have been the initial stimulus and also the final target of this festival which has been conceived by the Italian Conservatories for the British public: a synthetic evidence of the creative sparkle that affects all generations and that is able to integrate musicians, visual artists and performers.


Conservatorio 'Santa Cecilia', Roma:

Michelangelo Lupone: 'In sordina' for Sax and Wind-Back (2011)

Giuseppe Silvi: 'A. SAX.' for Sax and live electronics (2013)

Nicola Bernardini: 'Recordare' (2000)

Conservatorio 'Alfredo Casella', L'Aquila:

Alessio Gabriele: 'Unanima' (2012)

Agostino Di Scipio: 'Craquelure (2 pezzi silenziosi, a Giuliano)' (2002)

Maria Cristini De Amicis: 'Physis II' for violin and live electronics (2014 - premiere)

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When and where

7.00pm - 8.30pmTuesday 9th December 2014

Performance Space College Building City, University of London St John Street London EC1V 4PB United Kingdom

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