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Live music to film and the art of foley




Series: City University London Concert Series

Partner event in assocation with Digital Shoreditch

A concert of new pieces for live music and video, by composers from the City University MA in Composing for Moving Images using a wide range of technical procedures for contemporary composition.

Featuring: Antonio Ballestin, Anneli Bentler, Christopher Corcoran, Maja Schriver, Felipe Senna.

We also welcome a set by the London Foley Ensemble, formed in 2012 to explore the idea of 'performing Foley'. Inspired by Youtube demonstrations and a fascination with Foley's illusory power, the project playfully deconstructs the idea of films as a fixed audiovisual 'texts'.

The group 'performs' the sounds of footsteps, running water, machinery, and so forth live on stage, providing a kind of unstable, hyper-real sound track to a screened projection. A synthesis of screened image and performed sound can be sensed fleetingly, but more often the interest lies in 'laying bare' the artifice of film sound.

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7.00pm - 8.30pmThursday 23rd May 2013

Performance Space College Building City, University of London St John Street London EC1V 4PB United Kingdom

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