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Macro vs Micro: Should Fairtrade welcome big business into the market?


Panel Discussions


Speakers: Tim Lang - Professor of Food Policy, City University London, Dan Crossley - Executive Director, Food Ethics Council, Atif Choudhury - UK Director, Zaytoun, Vidya Rangan - Research and Impact Manager, Fairtrade Foundation

Location: Room A130, College Building, St John Street, City University London, EC1V 4PB.

City University London and Islington Fairtrade Steering Group, in celebration of Fairtrade Fortnight 2013, invite you to an evening event to discuss something at the heart of the Fairtrade movement: is there a business model which has the greatest capacity to generate positive impact on the farmers?   

The question is more important than ever: should Fairtrade continue to welcome big business into the market?   What is best for the farmers in the long term? What can the movement do to promote the interests of the farmers with such diverse trading partners?  And is there a role for all to play in the road to trade justice?

Join us as we get insight and opinions from various key experts.

On The Panel:

  • Tim Lang (Professor of Food Policy, City University London)

Tim Lang has been Professor of Food Policy at City University's Centre for Food Policy since 2002. He was a hill farmer in Lancashire, North of England, in the 1970s and for the last 37 years has engaged in public and academic research and debate about food policy. He's been an advisor to many bodies, from the World Health Organisation and European Commissioner for the Environment to the Mayor of London and NGOs. He was Commissioner on the UK Government's Sustainable Development Commission (2006-11). He's co-author of Ecological Public Health (with G Rayner, Routledge, 2012), Food Policy (with D Barling & M Caraher, Oxford University Press, 2009), the Atlas of Food (with E Millstone, Earthscan, 2008) and Food Wars (with M Heasman, Earthscan, 2004).

  • Dan Crossley (Executive Director, Food Ethics Council)

Dan Crossley is Executive Director at Food Ethics Council, a charity that provides independent advice on the ethics of food and farming. Dan was formerly acting Head of Food at Forum for the Future, where he advised many of the world's leading food businesses and Government on sustainability, for example in his roles on Defra's Green Claims Steering Group and the Green Food Project. Dan has previously worked at KPMG, where he qualified as a chartered accountant, and for a food manufacturing company, in strategy and finance roles. Dan has a Masters in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London.

  • Atif Choudhury (UK Director, Zaytoun)

Atif co-founded Zaytoun CIC in 2004 in direct response to his visit to Palestine with the International Solidarity Movement.  The objective was to enable the farming communities in the West Bank to trade past Israel's apartheid wall.  In 2009 Zaytoun's Palestinian olive oil and olives were awarded Fairtrade accreditation, a world first for such products. Since then Zaytoun has received awards from the Soil Association in 2011, The Times Newspaper and the Fairtrade Foundation.  Atif has an MSc in Conflict and Development from SOAS and co-founded the UK chapter of the International Solidarity Movement.  He is also a trustee for the anti-poverty NGO War-on-Want and Chief Executive of Diversity and Ability.

  • Vidya Rangan (Research and Impact Manager, Fairtrade Foundation)

Vidya Rangan is Senior Research and Impact Manager at the Fairtrade Foundation, UK and also part of Fairtrade's global Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning team. Her work focuses on helping the Fairtrade system understand how its systems and interventions impact farmers and workers in developing countries and how this impact can be deepened. Her background is in international development, international trade and participatory research methodologies.

  • Ian Bretman - (Vice-Chair, Fairtrade International, 2008-2012)

Ian Bretman's connections with the fair trade movement date back to 1985 when he joined Oxfam Trading as their Head of Marketing. As Deputy Director of the Fairtrade Foundation from 1997 to 2008 he played a central role in the commercialisation of the Fairtrade Mark, helping to launch Fairtrade bananas and developing the relationships with supermarkets and food brands that helped mainstream Fairtrade in Britain. From 2008 to 2012 he held the unique role of Executive Vice-Chair of Fairtrade International, helping to streamline the global network and building the role and responsibility of the Producer Networks in Africa, Asia and Latin America/Caribbean. He was the architect of Fairtrade's recently-agreed governance model in which the Producer Networks are equal owners of the Fairtrade standards and certification system alongside the market facing organisations like Fairtrade Foundation in Britain. Ian is passionate about the need for social justice as part of sustainable food and farming and has also been a lay member of the Soil Association's Organic Standards Board since 2007.

Discussion will be chaired by:

Rosalind Sharpe (PhD Research Student - Sustainability in food supply chains, Centre for Food Policy, City University London)

All are welcome. Please register by clicking here.

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When & where

6.30pm - 8.00pmThursday 7th March 2013

College Building City, University of London St John Street London EC1V 4PB UK