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Bi-lingual Jokes: Language in Hong Kong-style Stand-up Comedy




Speaker: Dr King-fai Tam, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Standup comedy is widely recognized in Hong Kong as a Western performance art form.  Yet as it made its way to the cultural scene in Hong Kong in the early 1990s, the art form underwent remarkable transformations and evolved into three distinctive subgenres.  One of these, called dung duk siu in Cantonese or Hong Kong-style standup in English, has captured the popular imagination.  

Its mixing of Cantonese and English raises questions about the fatuous claim of Hong Kong as the place where East meets West and lays bare anxieties over the two languages with all their historical and cultural associations.  The repertoire of Wong Tze-wah, a Hong Kong-style standup comedian, provides a good entry point by which one can begin to make sense of the meaning of such anxiety.

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6.30pm - 8.00pmThursday 29th November 2012

Oliver Thompson Lecture Theatre Tait Building City, University of London Northampton Square London EC1V 0HB United Kingdom

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