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Intelligent Management Decisions Seminar




SoS Lecture - 11 December 2012

City Systems & Control Centre in Association with IEEE SMC Chapter-UK&RI

About the seminar:

Abstract- Fuzzy Logic-based decision-making framework is implemented for energy management in microgrid systems in order to meet targets such as providing local consumers with required energy demand and making good revenue for the microgrid owner under a time-varying electricity cost policy while helping reduce negative environmental effects due to air polluting sources of electrical energy such as coal fire plants which operate in the main grid in order to provide energy for the whole region of interest. Typically, a microgrid system has two modes of operation. It either works synchronously with the main grid or operates independently from the main grid in an isolated, i.e. islanded, mode. Distributed renewable energy resources including solar and wind in association with batteries and main grid supply power to the consumer in the microgrid network. One-day period is divided to a finite number of time-slots. The Fuzzy intelligent approach implemented in this article determines the rate at which power has to be delivered to/taken from the storage unit during the next time-slot depending on the electricity price per kWh of energy, local load demand, electricity generation rate through renewable resources, and air pollution factor all of which are sampled at predetermined rates. Cost function is defined as the sum of balance/revenue due to electricity trade between microgrid and the main grid, which includes the power provided to local load and distribution losses. Five different scenarios are considered for local load and microgrid assembly operation. Measures of balance/revenue will be extracted to represent benefits of using fuzzy logic for energy management in microgrids with air pollution reduction policy. Additionally a review of gaps in system of systems engineering advances as well as cooperative efforts between European Union and USA researchers and agencies will be reviewed, based on T-AREA-SoS (Trans-Atlantic Agenda on Research and Education in SoS) an EC-funded grant between Loughbrough and Bournemouth Universities in UK and Purdue University and University of Texas, San Antonio in the US.

About the speaker:

Mo Jamshidi Lutcher Brown

Endowed Chair Member,
University of Texas System's Chancellor's Council
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Texas at San Antonio
San Antonio, TX

Mo M. Jamshidi (Fellow IEEE, Fellow ASME, A. Fellow-AIAA, Fellow AAAS, Fellow TWAS, and Fellow NYAS) is the Lutcher Brown Endowed Chaired Professor and Leader of Sustainable Energy Research Group at the University of Texas, San Antonio, TX, USA. He has served US Government (NASA, USAF and USDOE) as an advisor or scientist for 27 years. He has worked for IBM, GM and Siemens for a total of 4 years. In summer 1999, he was a NATO Distinguished Professor in Portugal conducting lectures on intelligent systems and control. He has over 650 technical publications including 64 books (11 text books), research volumes, and edited volumes. His most recent 2 edited and 1 text books are on system of systems engineering. He is the Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Systems Journal.

Dr. Jamshidi is a Fellow or member of 8 societies and academies. He is the recipient of the IEEE Centennial Medal and IEEE Control Systems Society Distinguished Member Award and the IEEE CSS Millennium Award, and NASA National Service Award in 2005. He was on the Board of Governors of the IEEE Society on Systems, Man and Cybernetics and is currently on the board of the IEEE Systems Council. He is an Honorary Professor at three Chinese Universities, Deakin University in Australia and the University of Birmingham (UK, 2012-2017) and Obuda University (Budapest, Hungary). In October 2005 he was awarded the IEEE's Norbert Weiner Research Achievement Award. He was a UK Royal Academy of Engineering distinguished fellow at Cardiff University, Wales, UK during 2009-2010. He holds honorary doctorate degrees from Odlar Yourdu University, Baku, Azerbaijan, 1999, University of Waterloo, Canada, 2004 and Technical University of Crete, Greece, 2004. He received the Presidential Award on Advancing Globalization at the University of Texas, San Antonio.

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When and where

4.00pm - 6.00pmTuesday 11th December 2012

City, University of London Northampton Square London EC1V 0HB United Kingdom