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Language Fair

Staff, Students

LOCATION: The Pool (AG17), Ground Floor College Building

Find out more about free language classes for City students
Centre for Language Studies offers free language courses to all students at City. The courses are designed to improve your language competences from Lower Intermediate level up to Advanced.

They are general purposes courses, designed for you to learn French, German or Spanish in the context of day-to-day life in these three languages. If you successfully complete the language course, you will be given a language certificate from the University but the language options do not count towards your degree.

Information about the courses:
• Languages taught: French, German and Spanish
• Levels taught: Lower-Intermediate; Upper Intermediate; Advanced
• Four skills are trained and developed: speaking, listening, reading and writing comprehension
• The studied topics are related to the world of day-today life of the target country
• Work on language structure to be able to do presentations, orally or in a written format
• Cultural knowledge related to the target language

An online placement tests - to assess your level of competence so that you can study your target language at the right level - will take place at the Language Fair on Thursday 22 September and Friday 23 September 2011 in room AG17 (THE POOL), College Building, (entrance from) St. John's Street from 11.00 - 16.00.

This is not an examination; the tests are only designed to find your level of linguistic competence at this point in time.  

Find out more at the Language Fair or for more information contact

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When & where

From Thursday 22nd September 2011 to Friday 23rd September 2011

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