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The Big Picture, cultural scanning and more holistic approaches to innovation


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Speaker: Gregg Fraley

The innovation process is very different from organisation to organisation. Some are formal, some are not. Some generate ideas without consumer research, while others rely extensively on consumer research insights. Many simply react to shifts in the market or some kind of competitive crisis. All of these approaches have downsides that a new trend in the "front end" of innovation addresses, that i,s using cultural trend scanning. Cultural trend scanning, having a cultural radar, gives an organisation an advantage in anticipating where the market is going, as opposed to where it is now. In this talk, Gregg Fraley will speak -- and the audience will kinesthetically experience -- some examples of how cultural artefacts can be a great way to kick off breakthrough thinking about new products and services. He'll put this new front end approach in the context of a theory of Holistic Innovation. Holistic Innovation is an acknowledgement that innovation, particularly in a large organisation, is a highly complex problem to solve, and there is no one "silver bullet." Instead, a holistic approach is necessary that, at minimum, considers People, Process, Products, and "Press" (aka internal culture, or environment).

Gregg Fraley is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and innovation consultant. His consulting practice consists of innovation project management, process coaching, and idea generation -- his customers include prominent brands like Budweiser, and Nestle Purina. He's the author of "Jack's Notebook" a well-reviewed business fable related to innovation and structured problem solving. He was a founder of Advanced Health Corporation, and he helped take that company public in 1997. Recently, he became a founding partner of Kiln Ideas, Ltd, a London based innovation products and services company. Kiln offers a subscription service called IdeaKeg, which brings trend-based intelligence to the innovation process.

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6.00pm - 7.30pmTuesday 10th May 2011

AG01 College Building City, University of London St John Street London EC1V 4PB United Kingdom

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