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The (multi)cultural obligation of journalism



This paper discusses journalism’s complicity in sustaining implicit cultural assumptions and stereotypes, dressed up in narratives of legal frameworks and western politics and values. I will argue that journalistic practitioners as well as media theorists are called upon to rethink the foundations of journalistic practices in the face of multi-cultures and multi-media, and urge the audience to think of culture as a foundation of rights and freedoms, and journalism as a foundation of cultural expressions and understanding. If this argument is convincing it calls upon journalists and citizens alike to reconsider the way journalism functions in a multicultural and transnational space.

Dr Bolette Blaagaard holds an MA in Journalism and Cultural Studies from University of Southern Denmark and a PhD from Utrecht University, the Netherlands. Her dissertation is entitled Journalism of relation: social constructions of whiteness in contemporary Danish journalistic practice and production and deals with case studies of Danish journalism and the political and social discourses of difference that they produce. Her research focuses on ethical and mediated relations between people with an emphasis on journalistic practices in postcolonial societies and is informed by feminist, postcolonial and critical theories. She has published internationally on Danish postcoloniality, whiteness, and mediated social relations in a transnational context.

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4.00pm - 6.00pmWednesday 17th November 2010