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Sound Studio Concert - Exploring the acousmatic fabric of space




Concert begins at 7pm

Series: City University Concert Series


Bernard Parmegiani, Moins l'Infini (from La Création du Monde) (1982-84)
Norman Skipp, Te Kore (The Void) (2001)
Adam Stansbie, Escapade (2010)
Erik Nyström, new work (2010) *
Peiman Khosravi, new work (2010) *
Horacio Vaggione, Arenas (2007)

* World premiere


Peiman Khosravi
Erik Nyström
Norman Skipp
Adam Stansbie


Adults: £5

Concessions: £2.50

Tickets by programme on the door

About the concert

The concert programme is compiled as an exploration of aesthetic directions in acousmatic music which emphasise texture and spatiality, including new works from City University composers as well as international repertoire. Although each work has an individual style and was composed with different motivations, they all offer experiences where perceived space acquires textural qualities. Immersive and evocative, molecular masses, gaseous clouds, turbulent flow, or projecting radiations emerge within a sonic 'fabric'. The acousmatic experience of near, far, above and below reaches beyond empirical physicality, as we orbit through the microcosms and immense voids of a perceptual universe, which is just as real, infinite and expanding as the physical.

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When and where

12.00am - 12.00amTuesday 2nd November 2010