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Food poverty and inequality: The growth of hunger in the UK - a lecture by Martin Caraher




6.00pm Registration / 6.30pm Lecture starts / 7.30pm Networking and Refreshments

Chaired by Professor Tim Lang

In this address, Professor Martin Caraher will argue that the current policy focus on food security is not effectively addressing the growing inequality and increase in UK food poverty.
For example, Food 2030 promotes the supply of food from the food and drink industry to organisations working with disadvantaged people as a way of addressing food poverty. While such endeavours are welcome, Professor Caraher will state that they are not long term solutions to food poverty but hide deeper cracks in society. He will also examine how the spotlight on sustainability at the local level, which is designed to encourage people to grow and cook their own food, is being promoted in the absence of a clear evidence base and ignores the social determinants of food choice.
Drawing upon testimonies from workers in the frontline and those living in poverty, Professor Martin Caraher will conclude that at a time when we are in danger of being knee deep in sustainable food there is still the need to address the issues of access rights, welfare and social determinants of food poverty to ensure equity for all.
Martin Caraher is Professor of food and health policy in the Centre for Food Policy at City University London. He has worked on issues related to food poverty, cooking skills, local sustainable food supplies, the role of markets and co-ops in promoting health, farmers markets, food deserts & food access, retail concentration and globalisation.
He has worked for and acted as a consultant to the UK Department of Health, the World Bank and the World Health Organisation. He is also an Associate Member of the National Heart Forum.

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12.00am - 12.00amThursday 13th May 2010