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  4. Digital inclusion and social exclusion: is there a relationship and what are the policy implications?




Digital inclusion and social exclusion: is there a relationship and what are the policy implications?




12.30pm to 2.15pm. Seminar starts at 1pm.

Series: Centre for Disability and Social Inclusion Seminar

Research has shown that there is a strong relationship between social and digital exclusion. However, the direction and intricacies of this relationship are still much debated. This presentation will discuss the ‘no-effects’, ‘positive’, ‘neutralising’ and ‘vicious-cycle’ hypotheses about the links between digital disengagement and different types of social exclusion.

Using the recently developed corresponding fields theory, the presentation will focus on the implications of social exclusion for digital engagement for disabled and marginalised groups. A critical debate about whether disengagement is based on choice or forced exclusion will be central to the development of the arguments made.

Ellen’s main interests are in understanding the links between social and digital exclusion and in studying the context of interpersonal mediated communication. She was previously a Research Fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute (University of Oxford) where she coordinated the Oxford Internet Surveys, one of the main sources of information about use of the Internet in Britain.

Selected recent publications:
Helsper, E.J. (in press). Gendered Internet use across generations and life stages. Communication Research.
Helsper, E.J & Galacz, A. (2009) Understanding the links between digital engagement and social inclusion in Europe. In A.Cheong & G. Cardoso (Eds) World Wide Internet: Changing Societies, Economies and Cultures. Macao University Printing House: Taipa (Macau).
Helsper, E.J. (2009) Digital disengagement by disabled people. British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (Becta) research report.
Helsper, E.J. (2009) The aging Internet: Digital choice and exclusion amongst the elderly.  Working with Older People 13(4).
Dutton, W.H., Helsper, E.J. & Gerber, M.M. (2009) Oxford Internet Survey 2009 Report: The Internet in Britain. University of Oxford, Oxford Internet Institute

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12.00am - 12.00amWednesday 12th May 2010