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How to Focus and Win




Please note the date for this event has changed from Tuesday 8th to Monday 7th June! Appologies for any inconvenience caused.

Series: Centre for Creativity Seminar

How to Focus and Win

Feel like your frazzled brain might be at risk of overload? Need to improve your concentration? We've got just the thing.

During the workshop attendees will be given the opportunity to test their mental powers with intensive concentration exercises designed to develop the faculties of observation, recall and analysis. These exercises can be performed at home and whilst traveling. All that is required is an alert mind and a willingness to challenge oneself.

"The benefits of finding flow seems more relevant than ever..." "..understanding that flow can take place anywhere if we can minimise the distractions we face in each waking moment. " - ESQUIRE, April 2010

Speakers: Chuka & Dubem Okonkwo - The Twins: EnvironMENTAL Training.

EnvironMENTAL Training is a mental development consultancy based in Islington, London. The subject of concentration is our field of interest, and though we do not have formal qualifications in psychology, we have spent over twenty-five years in personal study, research, and the practice of concentration.

Set up in 2005 as a mental development consultancy to provide a service for training individuals to develop deeper levels of concentration at home and in the work environment.

Clients were encouraged to play childish games and exercises that are stimulating, challenging and rewarding: simple to perform, but not easy to master. The philosophy of EnvironMENTAL Training is that the development of concentration and mental power is best acquired by training the mind on tedious and uninteresting things and ideas.

"After an experience with a group of employees at a London firm, we realised that 'EnvironMENTAL Training is for anyone, but not for everyone. Anyone can do it, but not everyone will.' So we decided that instead of trying to appeal to everyone, we would focus on offering a service aimed at the elite and those who want to join the elite."

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When and where

12.00am - 12.00amMonday 7th June 2010