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Global Warming: a statistical illusion?




8am - 10am

Our keynote speaker, Michael Beenstock, Professor of Economics at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, sets out his latest findings which support his belief that the misuse of statistics has led many climatologists to the mistaken conclusion that the global warming of the last 60 years constitutes evidence of the greenhouse effect.

Greenhouse gas theory predicts that if the level of atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases increases, global temperature rises because it is more difficult for the heat of the sun to escape the Earth’s atmosphere. Professor Beenstock argues that the supporters of the greenhouse effect have made the simple error of confusing a temporary effect with a permanent one.

There is evidence that global temperature has stabilized in the last 10 years and Professor Beenstock will present a model showing that the temperature increase of the 20th century will be reversed in the 21st century.

Michael Beenstock has been a Professor of Economics at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem since 1987 where he teaches econometrics and macroeconomics. He started out his professional career at H.M. Treasury in London and at the World Bank before entering academia. He held positions at the London Business School and Cass Business School.

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12.00am - 12.00amFriday 5th February 2010