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Colour Deceits and Demonstrations




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When we look at the world around us the large area of the brain devoted to vision – the visual brain - processes the images received by our eyes, yet how are all the attributes of the visual scene - form, colour, motion, depth and much else besides - processed in separate but interconnected cortical areas, which then generate a unitary visual percept?

There are many different methods to study the visual brain, but here the focus will be on the use of visual illusions, brain imaging in normal subjects and the visual consequences of damage to different parts of the visual brain in patients after a stroke. For example, some of these patients can identify patterns and shapes but not colour, whereas others are unaware of movement, or fail to recognise familiar faces or objects. It will become apparent that the visual brain often has to generate hypotheses to interpret the inputs from the visual scene, and this may lead to discrepancies between perception and reality leading to “deceits of the sight” (Sir Francis Bacon).

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12.00am - 12.00amWednesday 10th February 2010