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Fourth Biannual Surveillance and Society/SSN conference




City University London to host global conference on Surveillance and Society

City University London is very proud to be hosting the fourth Biannual Surveillance and Society/SSN conference on April 13th - 15th 2010.  Organised in conjunction with the Living in Surveillance Societies (LiSS) European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) Action, 'A Global Surveillance Society?' will feature a truly international range of speakers from across the social sciences.

Surveillance has become a topic of central importance for citizens, academics and governments alike as new space-time transcending monitoring technologies flood the market, pre-emptive, at-a-distance governance becomes the new logic of contemporary institutions, organisations seek to streamline and better administer their everyday practices, individuals perform and search for meaning within the spaces created by surveillance processes and the world becomes overlaid by a dense series of increasingly interconnected electronic flows.

Several important questions are raised by these developments: how, for example, should relations between citizen and state, citizen and commerce and among citizens themselves be understood? In what ways might Human Rights principles be threatened by global flows and exchanges of data? How are concepts like personhood, identity, trust and privacy being transformed and shaped through surveillant practices? How might such developments be challenged and struggled over? What implications does national security policy have for individually situated notions of human security?

‘A Global Surveillance Society?’ seeks to address such questions in a range of exciting panel sessions and through several keynote plenaries, which explore issues of motivation and morality, security discourses and social control developments. The conference is comprised of exciting panel sessions on several surveillance-related issues and themes such as ‘Theory’, ‘Regulation and Protection’, ‘The Internet’, ‘Security’, ‘Borders and Mobility’, ‘Politics and State’, ‘Media and Art’, ‘Workplace’ and ‘Criminal Justice’.

The event is to coincide with a special public debate on ‘Surveillance, Politics and Civil Society’ (Thursday 15th April at 7pm) featuring Shami Chakrabarti, Directory of Liberty, Professor Clive Norris, University of Sheffield, Anna Minton, Writer/Journalist and David ‘Panda’ Mery, Surveillance Blogger/Campaigner and a fascinating ‘Hijacking CCTV: 9 artistic responses to CCTV’ film showing (Tuesday 13th April at 6pm). There is an abundance of exciting evening activities also planned.

The Conference will be held in and around the Oliver Thompson Lecture Theatre and Foyer, City University London, UK. London is a powerful, global city at the sharp end of surveillance processes, protocols and debates and thus provides delegates with an apt cultural context for the exploration of the above issues.

The Conference Fee is £200 per person (there are discounts for registered graduate students), which includes attendance, refreshments, lunch and an optional £25 two-year membership of the Surveillance Studies Network. The membership fee will be used to promote the charitable activities of the Surveillance Studies Network, support the continued publication of the Journal of Surveillance and Society and give other benefits to members.

For more information on the conference and to register as a delegate, please visit:

** Please note that the closing date for attendee registration is April 7th 2010 **

If you have any conference related questions, please direct them to the conference administration team at:

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12.00am - 12.00amTuesday 13th April 2010

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