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Digital Libraries 2014


Registrations for the Digital Libraries Conference have now closed. Any queries can be directed to the events team ( Please be advised it is unlikely we will be able to process late registrations.

Details of our accepted papers are available from the accepted papers page.
Download a draft conference timetable.

Monday, 8th September: Tutorials and Doctoral Consortium, City University London

Tutorial 3: From Preserving Data to Preserving Research; Curation of Process and Context Rudolf Mayer, Stefan Proell, Angela Dappert, Raul Palma, Kevin Page, Daniel Garijo and Paul Gooding Morning Session - Half Day Room: D221 Tutorial 5: Tools and Techniques for Revisiting Online Scholarly Content Martin Klein, Herbert Van De Sompel, Michael Nelson and Richard Wincewicz Afternoon Session - Half Day Room: D222 Tutorial 6: Introduction to Digital Libraries Edward A. Fox Full Day Session Room: D104

Doctoral Consortium
Andy Macfarlane Full Day Session Room: A214 Workshop 5: Digital Preservation Sustainability on the EU Policy Level Full Day Session Rooms: Great Hall

Tuesday 9th September: Milton Court, Barbican Centre

8.30am-9am: Welcome Coffee and Registration

9am-9.30am: Opening and Welcome

9.30am-10.45am: Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dieter Fellner, Frauenhofer Institute

10.45am-11.15am: Coffee Break

11.15am-12.30pm: Parallel Sessions (2 tracks)

Options 1Track 1: Preservation Strategies (Session 1)Session chair: Herbert Van de Sompel

233 - Chuck Cartledge and Michael Nelson (Best paper nominees). When Should I Make Preservation Copies of Myself?

184 - Catherine Marshall and Frank Shipman. An Argument for Archiving Facebook as a Heterogeneous Personal Store

37 - Michael Day, Ann MacDonald, Akiko Kimura and Maureen Pennock. Implementing Digital Preservation Strategy: Developing Content Collection Profiles at the British Library

33 - Mat Kelly, Michael Nelson and Michele C. Weigle. The Archival Acid Test: Evaluating Archive Performance on Advanced HTML and JavaScript

Track 2: Recommendation and Indexing (Session 13)Session chair: Ingo Frommholz

88 - Monika Akbar, Clifford Shaffer, Weiguo Fan and Edward Fox. Recommendation Based on Deduced Social Networks in an Educational Digital Library

131 - Tim Gollub, Matthias Hagen, Michael Völske and Benno Stein. Dynamic Taxonomy Composition via Keyqueries

53 - Paul Clough, Arantxa Otegi and Eneko Agirre. Personalized Page Rank for Making Recommendations in Digital Cultural Heritage Collections

216 - Tanja Friedrich and Andreas Oskar Kempf. Making Research Data Findable in Digital Libraries: A Layered Model for User-Oriented Indexing of Survey Data

12.30pm-1.45pm: Lunch

1.45pm-3pm: Parallel Session and Panel discussion (2 tracks)

Options 2
Track 1: Publications impacts (Session 4)Session chair: Jose Borbinha

108 - Glauber Dias Gonçalves, Flavio Vinicius Diniz de Figueiredo, Marcos Andre Goncalves and Jussara Marques de Almeida (Best student paper nominees). Characterizing Scholar Popularity: A Case Study in the Computer Science Research Community

124 - Thiago H. P. Silva, Mirella M. Moro, Ana Paula C. Silva, Wagner Meira Jr. and Alberto Laender. Community-based Endogamy as an Influence Indicator

113 - Denilson Pereira, Eduardo Silva and Ahmed Esmin. Disambiguating Publication Venue Titles using Association Rules

Track 2: Digital Libraries: Evolving from Collections to Communities? (Panel 1)

Moderators: Deanna Marcum, Karen Calhoun

Panelists: Brian Beaton, Jill Cousins, Herbert Van de Sompel

3pm-3.30pm: Coffee Break

3.30pm-4.45pm: Parallel Sessions (2 tracks)

Options 3Track 1: Personal DL Design (Session 5)Session chair: Cathy Marshall

235 - Sandra Trullemans and Beat Signer. From User Needs to Opportunities in Personal Information Management: A Case Study on Organisational Strategies in Cross-Media Information Spaces

90 - Su Inn Park and Frank Shipman. PerCon: A Personal Digital Library for Heterogeneous Data

153 - Annika Hinze, Claire Timpany, Nicholas Vanderschantz and Hayat Alqurashi. Social Information Behaviour in Physical Libraries: Implications for the design of digital libraries

Track 2: Building Systems (Session 9)Session chair: Ron Larson

178 - Zhaohui Wu, Jian Wu, Madian Khabsa, Kyle Williams, Hung-Hsuan Chen, Wenyi Huang, Suppawong Tuarob, Sagnik Ray Choudhury, Alexander Ororbia, Prasenjit Mitra and C. Lee Giles. Towards Building a Scholarly Big Data Platform: Challenges, Lessons and Opportunities

81 - Bolette Ammitzbøll Jurik, Asger Askov Blekinge, Rune Bruun Ferneke-Nielsen and Per Møldrup-Dalum. Bridging the Gap Between Real World Repositories and Scalable Preservation Environments

146 - Yinlin Chen and Edward Fox. Using ACM DL paper metadata as an auxiliary source for building educational collections

164 - Zhaohui Wu, Wenyi Huang, Chen Liang and C. Lee Giles. Crowd-sourcing Web Knowledge for Metadata Extraction

5pm-6pm: Minute Madness: Poster Session Preview

6pm-8pm: Poster and Demonstration Reception
Location: Garden Room, Barbican

Wednesday 10th September: Milton Court, Barbican Centre

8.30am-9.30am: Morning Coffee and Registration

9.30am-10:45am: Keynote Speaker: Prof. Jane Ohlmeyer, Trinity College Dublin

10.45am-11.15am: Coffee Break

11.15am-12.30pm: Parallel Sessions (2 tracks)

Options 4
Track 1: Browsing and Searching (Session 6) Session chair: Edi Rasmussen

118 - Dana Mckay, Wally Smith and Shanton Chang. Lend me some sugar: Borrowing rates of neighbouring books as evidence for browsing

30 - Javier Lacasta, Francisco Javier López-Pellicer, Walter Renteria-Agualimpia and Javier Nogueras-Iso. Improving the visibility of geospatial data on the Web

135 - Martyn Harris, Mark Levene, Dell Zhang and Dan Levene. The Anatomy of a Search and Mining System for Digital Humanities

125 - Õnne Mets, Silvia Gstrein and Veronika Gründhammer. Increasing the visibility of library records via a consortial search engine

Track 2: Item identification (Session 7)
Session chair: Clare Llewellyn

121 - Alan Filipe Santana, Marcos André Gonçalves, Anderson A. Ferreira and Alberto Laender. Combining Domain-Specific Heuristics for Author Name Disambiguation

207 - David A. Smith, Ryan Cordell, Elizabeth Maddock Dillon, John Wilkerson and Nick Stramp (Best paper nominees). Detecting and Modeling Local Text Reuse

80 - Biligsaikhan Batjargal, Takeo Kuyama, Fuminori Kimura and Akira Maeda. Identifying the Same Records across multiple Ukiyo-e Image Databases Using Textual Data in Different Languages

110 - Norman Meuschke and Bela Gipp. Reducing Computational Effort for Plagiarism Detection by using Citation Characteristics to Limit Retrieval Space

12.30pm-1.45pm: Lunch

1.45pm-3pm: Parallel Sessions (2 tracks)

Options 5Track 1: Quality Data and Metadata (Session 8) Session chair: Tobias Blanke

149 - Daniel Hasan Dalip, Harlley Lima, Marcos Gonçalves, Marco Cristo and Pável Calado (Best student paper nominees). Quality Assessment of Collaborative Content With Minimal Information

77 - Pengcheng Gao, Jiangqin Wu, Yuan Lin, Yang Xia, Tianjiao Mao and Baogang Wei. Fast Image-based Chinese Calligraphic Character Retrieval on Large Scale Data

64 - Saeed Majidi and Gregory Crane. Human and Machine Error Analysis on Dependency Parsing of Ancient Greek Texts

204 - Hung-Hsuan Chen, Madian Khabsa and C. Lee Giles. The Feasibility of Investing of Manual Correction of Metadata for a Large-Scale Digital Library

Track 2: Topics, evolution, and relationships (Session 11)
Session chair: Lillian Cassel

190 - Adam Jatowt and Kevin Duh. A Framework for Analyzing Semantic Change of Words across Time

100 - Nikolaos Aletras, Timothy Baldwin, Jey Han Lau and Mark Stevenson. Representing Topics Labels for Exploring Digital Libraries

50 - Han Xu, Eric Martin and Ashesh Mahidadia. Topical Establishment Leveraging Literature Evolution

Fuminori Kimura and Akira Maeda. A Method to Support Analysis of Personal Relationship through Place Names Extracted from Documents

3pm-3.30pm: Coffee Break

3.30pm-5pm: Parallel Sessions (2 tracks)

Options 6Track 1: Knowledge infrastructure and repositories (Session 12)
Session chair: Dana McKay

138 - Christine L. Borgman, Peter T. Darch, Ashley E. Sands, Jillian C. Wallis and Sharon Traweek. The Ups and Downs of Knowledge Infrastructures in Science: Implications for Data Management

219 - Carl Lagoze, Lars Vilhuber, Jeremy Williams, Benjamin Perry and William C. Block. CED2AR: The Comprehensive Extensible Data Documentation and Access Repository

201 - Carllin St Pierre, David Bainbridge and Bill Rogers. Big Brother is Watching You - But in a Good Way

197 - Suenje Dallmeier Tiessen, Artemis Lavasa, Laura Rueda, Patricia Heterich, Rachael Kotarski and Elizabeth Newbold. A comparative analysis of the HSS & HEP data submission workflows

260 - Ioanna Ourania Stathopoulou, Haris Georgiadis, Vangelis Banos, Panagiotis Stathopoulos, Nikos Houssos and Evi Sachini. An Open Cultural Digital Content Infrastructure

Track 2: Data transformation and description (Session 10)
Session chair: Julie Speer

202 - Ciro Gonano, Francesca Mambelli, Silvio Peroni, Francesca Tomasi and Fabio Vitali. Converting the Zeri photo archive in Linked Open Data: formalizing the conceptual model

93 - Luyuan Li, Yongtao Wang, Liangcai Gao, Zhi Tang and Ching Y. Suen. Comic2CEBX: A System for Automatic Comic Content Adaptation

188 - Tim Crawford, Ben Fields, David Lewis and Kevin R. Page. Explorations in Linked Data practice for early music corpora

59 - João Aguiar Castro, João Rocha Da Silva and Cristina Ribeiro. Creating lightweight ontologies for dataset description: Pratical applications in a cross-domain research data management workflow

132 - Katrina Fenlon, Colleen Fallaw, Timothy W. Cole and Myung-Ja Han. A preliminary evaluation of HathiTrust metadata: Assessing the sufficiency of legacy records

7pm: Conference Dinner
Location: The Mermaid Function Centre

Thursday 11th September: Milton Court, Barbican Centre

8.30am-9.30am: Morning Coffee

9.30am-10.45am: Parallel Session and Panel Discussion (2 tracks)

Options 7Track 1: Web archives and memory (Session 2) Session chair: Martin Klein

157 - Justin F. Brunelle, Mat Kelly, Hany Salaheldeen, Michele C. Weigle and Michael Nelson (Best student paper nominees). Not All Mementos Are Created Equal: Measuring The Impact Of Missing Resources

75 - Hugo Huurdeman, Anat Ben-David, Jaap Kamps, Thaer Samar and Arjen P. de Vries (Best paper nominees). Finding Pages on the Unarchived Web

175 - Nattiya Kanhabua, Tu Ngoc Nguyen and Claudia Niederée. What Triggers Human Remembering of Events? A Large-Scale Analysis of Catalysts for Collective Memory in Wikipedia

Track 2: Panel 2: Moving beyond "if we build it they will come": the invisible user in digital library development

Moderator: Michele Reilly

Panelists: Joan E Beaudoin, Krystyna K. Matusiak, Santi Thompson

10.45am-11.15am: Coffee Break

11.15am-12.30pm: Parallel Sessions (2 tracks)

Options 8Track 1: Citation, citation, citation (Session 3)
Session chair: Tim Cole

72 - Tanmoy Chakraborty, Suhansanu Kumar, Pawan Goyal, Niloy Ganguly and Animesh Mukherjee. Towards a Stratified Learning Approach to Predict Future Citation Counts

94 - Xiaozhong Liu, Yingying Yu, Chun Guo, Yizhou Sun and Liangcai Gao. Full-Text based Context-Rich Heterogeneous Network Mining Approach for Citation Recommendation

206 - Wenyi Huang, Zhaohui Wu, Prasenjit Mitra and C. Lee Giles. RefSeer: A Citation Recommendation System

177 - Hamed Alhoori and Richard Furuta. Do Altmetrics Follow the Crowd or Does the Crowd Follow Altmetrics?

Track 2: Education and collaboration (Session 14)
Session chair: Xiao Hu

252 - Md Sultan, Steven Bethard and Tamara Sumner. Towards Automatic Identification of Core Concepts in Educational Resources - New submission

45 - Yanru Guo, Dion Hoe-Lian Goh and Brendan Luyt. Using Affective Embodied Agents in Information Literacy Education

217 - Dana Mckay. Bend Me Shape Me: A Practical Experience of Repurposing Research Data

120 - Mark R. Costa, Jian Qin and Jun Wang. Research networks in data repositories

12.30pm-1pm: Closing and handover

Thursday, 11th September: Workshops, City University London

Workshop 3: Knowledge Maps and Information Retrieval (KMIR)
Afternoon Session - Half Day, 14:00 - 18:30
Room: A110

Workshop 4a: The Search Is Over! Exploring Cultural Collections with Visualization - Part 1
Afternoon Session - Half Day,13:00-17:30
Room: A214

Workshop 7a: METS Now, and Then… Discussions of Current and Future Data Models - Part 1
Afternoon Session - Half Day, 14:00-17:30
Room: A225

Workshop 11a: Networked Knowledge Organization Systems (NKOS) - Part 1 
Afternoon Session - Half Day,14:00-17:30
Room: A227

Friday 12th September: Workshops, City University London

Workshop 1: Linking and Contextualising Publications and Datasets - "Growing a Global Data Publishing Culture" - Part 2
Full Day Session, 09:00-17:00
Room: A110

Workshop 2: Third International Workshop on Mining Scientific Publications
Full Day Session, 09:00-17:00
Room: DLG09

Workshop 4b: The Search Is Over! Exploring Cultural Collections with Visualization - Part 2
Full Day Session, 10:00-17:00
Room: A214

Workshop 6: 4th International Workshop on Semantic Digital Archives (SDA)
Full Day Session, 09:00-17:00
Room: DLG20

Workshop 7b: METS Now, and Then… Discussions of Current and Future Data Models - Part 2
Morning Session - Half Day, 09:30-13:00
Room: A225

Workshop 9: Digital Libraries for Musicology DLfM 2014
Full Day Session, 09:00-17:30
Room: DLG03

Workshop 11b: Networked Knowledge Organization Systems (NKOS) - Part 2
Morning Session - Half Day, 09:00-12:00
Room: A227