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Department of Mathematics

Seminar Series 2015-16

Date Speaker Room
29/09/2015 Benjamin Doyon (King's)

Title: Thermalization and locality in quantum chains
03/10/2015 Nick Halmagyi (Jussieu)

Title: The Torsional Heterotic Conifold
06/10/2015 Michael Levitin (Reading University)

Title: Indefinite Linear Pencils
20/10/2015 Steve Baigent (UCL)

Title: Geometry in population modelling
27/10/2015 Tobias Galla (Manchester University)

Title: Fixation and extinction dynamics in individual-based models: from evolutionary games to the initiation of cancer
10/11/2015 Lucas Lacasa (QMUL)

Title: Time Series meet Network Science
26/01/2016Paul Fendley (Oxford) B103
02/02/2016Dario Martelli (King's) B103
09/02/2016Anne Skeldon (Surrey) B103
16/02/2016[to be confirmed] B103
23/02/2016Matt Fayers (QMUL) B103
08/03/2016Yasine Ikhlef (Jussieu) B103
15/03/2016Maciej Dunajski (Cambridge) B103
22/03/2016Rebecca Hoyle (Southampton) B103
29/03/2016Christian Korff (Glasgow) B103
05/04/2016Joe Bhaseen (King's) B103