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16 Supersymmetries

A half-way meeting in the City

City University London
13 - 14 May 2010

Recently there has been a resurgence of interest in four-dimensional gauge theories with N=2 supersymmetry. This workshop aims to review the progress achieved so far and to identify new  avenues for exploration. Topics will include

(i)     gauge/string dualities;

(ii)    N=2 superconformal field theories;

(iii)   integrability techniques;

(iv)   connections to Liouville and Toda theories;

(v)    S-duality.

Organizing Committee

Amihay Hanany           (Imperial College)

Chris Hull                    (Imperial College)

Bogdan Stefański, jr.    (City University)

Invited Participants

A. Tseytlin                   (Imperial College)

C. Nunez                     (Swansea)

D. Waldram                 (Imperial College)

J. Erdmenger               (MPI Munich)

J. Sparks                     (Oxford)

K. Stelle                      (Imperial College)

K. Zarembo                  (ENS)

L. Rastelli                    (Stony Brook)

N. Dorey                      (Cambridge)

N. Drukker                   (Humboldt)

N. Wyllard                   (Chalmers and CERN)

S. Benvenuti                (Imperial College)

S. Shatashvili               (CERN, IHES, Trinity College Dublin)

T. Hollowood                (Swansea)

T. Okuda                     (Perimeter)

R. Janik                       (Jagielonian)


The workshop will take place in Lecture room A130 in the College building on the Northampton Square Campus of City University London.

This workshop is sponsored by EPSRC, STFC and Institute of Physics