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Department of Mathematics


Representation Theory

Academic staff

Professor J. Chuang JC (Professor of Mathematics, Head of Group)

Professor R. Kessar RK (Professor of Mathematics)

Professor M. Linckelmann ML (Professor of Mathematics)

Dr A. Cox AC (Reader in Mathematics)

Dr M. De Visscher MD (Lecturer in Mathematics)

Research staff, visiting staff, emeritus

Dr C. Braun (Postdoctoral Fellow)

Dr C. Bowman (Postdoctoral Fellow)

PhD students

Ms N. Farrell

Mr O. King

Mr L. Rubio Y Degrassi

Mr H. Yin Wong

Mathematical Physics

Academic staff

Professor A. Fring AF (Professor of Mathematical Physics, Head of Group_

Dr M. Alvarez MA (Senior Lecturer in Mathematics)

Dr O. Castro Alvaredo OCA (Senior Lecturer in Mathematics)

Dr V. Caudrelier VC (Lecturer in Mathematics)

Dr A. De Martino ADM (Senior Lecturer in Mathematics)

Dr Y-H. He YHH (Reader in Mathematics)

Dr O. Kerr OK (Reader in Mathematics)

Dr L. Silvers LS (Senior Lecturer in Mathematics)

Dr B. Stefanski BS (Reader in Mathematics)

Research staff, visiting staff, emeritus

Professor C. Bender CB (Professor of Physics, part-time)

Professor P. Kulish PK (Honorary Professor)

Professor J. Mathon JM (Emeritus Professor)

Dr B. Favier BF (Postdoctoral Researcher)

PhD students

Mr D. Bianchini

Mr A. Cavaglia

Mr S. Dey 

Miss Z. Gunn

Mr T. Human

Mr E. Levi

Mr T. Lloyd

Mr D. Skinner

Ms V Witzke

Mathematical Biology

Academic staff

Professor M. Broom MB (Professor of Mathematics, Head of Group)

Dr A. Kandler AK (Lecturer in Mathematics)

Dr A. Baronchelli (Lecturer in Mathematics)

PhD students

Mrs K. Kura

Mr K. Pattni

Mr M. Raza

Mr J. Teichmann

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