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Mathematics Centre Publications (2006)

Journal Papers

  • A. Doikou and P. P. Martin "On quantum group symmetry and Bethe ansatz for the asymmetric twin spin chain with integrable boundary" J. Stat. Mech., P06004 (2006).
  • A. Fring "A note on the integrability of non-Hermitian extensions of Calogero-Moser-Sutherland models" Mod. Phys. Lett. A 21, 691-699 (2006).
  • A. Fring and C. Korff "Non-crystallographic reduction of generalized Calogero-Moser models" J. Phys. A 39, 1115-1131 (2006).  
  • A. Fring and N. Manojlovic "G_2 Calogero- Moser Lax operators from reduction"
    J. of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics 13, 467-478 (2006).
  • A. G. Cox, P. P. Martin, A. E. Parker and C. Xi "Representation theory of towers of recollement: theory, notes, and examples" J. Algebra 302, 340-360 (2006).
  • A. G. Cox and A. E. Parker "Homomorphisms between Weyl modules for SL_3(k)" Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 358, 4159-4207 (2006).
  • C. Figueira de Morisson Faria, X. Liu and W. Becker "Classical aspects of laser-induced nonsequential double ionization above and below the threshold" J. Mod. Opt. 53, 193-206 (2006).
  • C. Figueira de Morisson Faria and A. Fring  "Isospectral  Hamiltonians from Moyal products Czech" J. Phys. 56, 899-908 (2006).
  • C. Figueira de Morisson Faria,   P. Salieres, P. Villain and M. Lewenstein "Controlling high-harmonic generation and above threshold ionization with an attosecond-pulse train" Phys. Rev. A 74, 053416 (2006).
  • C. Figueira de Morisson Faria and A. Fring "Time evolution of non-Hermitian Hamiltonian systems" J. Phys.  A 39, 9269-9289 (2006).
  • C. Korff "A Q operator for the twisted XXX model" J. Phys. A 39, 3203-3219 (2006).
  • M. Alvarez and D. I. Olive "Charges and fluxes in Maxwell theory on compact manifolds with boundary" Comm. Math. Phys. 267, 279-305 (2006). 
  • M. De Visscher "A note on the tensor product of restricted simple modules for algebraic groups" J. Algebra 303, 407-415 (2006).
  • O. A. Castro-Alvaredo "Boundary form factors of the sinh-Gordon model with Dirichlet boundary conditions at the self-dual point" J. Phys. A 39, 11901-119014 (2006). 
  • P. G. Daniels "Shallow cavity flow in a porous medium driven by differential heating" Journal of Fluid Mechanics 565, 441-459 (2006). 
  • X. Liu, C. Figueira de Morisson Faria, W. Becker and P.B. Corkum "Attosecond electron thermalization by laser-driven electron recollision in atoms"  J. Phys. B 39, L305-L311 (2006).