Department of Computer Science
  1. Adaptive Computing Systems
  2. Machine Learning
  3. giCentre
  4. Human Computer Interaction Design
  5. Software Reliability
  6. Research Ethics
  7. Data Science
Department of Computer Science

Student projects

Watch these videos and get an insight into some of the exciting and innovative projects that our undergraduate and postgraduate students have worked on.

David Impey -- MSc Computer Games technology -- Talks about his student project, the Air Hockey Game, which he produced using skills he gained during the games design module on the course.

Pieris Christou -- BSc Business Computing Systems -- Talks about his student project, the Sandpit, which was produced using Microsoft Surface Technology.

Usama Inam -- BSc Computer Science with Games technology -- Talking about his student project to produce an online game for a company. The aim was to convert their board game into a game used online.

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