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Yoga sessionLive positive, be positive

Living a healthy, active life is something that every one of us can choose to do. And when we make positive choices for ourselves and the benefit of those around us, we tend to be more motivated, satisfied and happy.

Get fit

City Sport offers a wide range of classes, sessions and activities suitable for all abilities.
So whether you have short or long term goals take a look at the Campus Activity Programme.

Stay healthy

The Student Health Service can help students with all things health related. We provide a drop in clinic for advice on minor illness/injury, general health information including dietary, alcohol awareness and smoking cessation advice.  It also provides helpful resources such as a 5 Step Lifestyle plan.

Have fun

For students at City we've got a vast array of activities and support services to help you get the most out of your time with us. The Students' Union is the umbrella service for many of them. Run by students for students, it offers endless socialising opportunities; advice and information resources; sports clubs; representation of your views to City.

Be supported

For students, City offers a confidential counselling service. The service also offer various workshops including top tips for exam success, and procrastination workshops.

Be green

With bike sheds and on-campus showers available as part of our Green Travel Plan, it makes sense to choose the eco option to get to and from campus. Students can also volunteer their time to become environmental champions. Read more about The Point.


We also offer a multifaith Chaplaincy Service that welcomes people from all faiths and also those who don't have a faith.