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Student Health Service

The Student Health Service is located in the Health Centre, part of the Student Centre, Level 1, Drysdale Building, Northampton Square.

We provide a daily nurse-led drop-in clinic for all students at 13:00 to 15:00. The Nurse Advisor, Chris Barnes, is able to advise you on a range of health issues including minor illness and injury.

Student Counselling Service

Also located in the Student Centre on Level 1 of Drysdale Building, there is a free, confidential service for students who want to talk to a counselling professional. Find out more about the Counselling Service.

Registration with a GP

It is important that you register with a doctor (GP) near where you live. It can be difficult to register with GPs in central London, so you are encouraged to do so as soon as possible, rather than wait until you feel unwell. Please note there are no changes for European Students regarding registering with a GP after the Brexit vote and there will be no additional fees. Please note there is no GP at the Student Health Service.

Meningitis & MMR

If you are 25 years or younger, it is strongly recommended that you have the Meningitis ACWY vaccine. Meningitis is a serious infection which can kill.

Mumps has also become a problem in some UK universities. We recommend the MMR vaccine.

You can get both vaccines at the Student Health Centre or from your GP free of charge.

To receive the Meningitis ACWY vaccination from the Nurse Advisor in the Student Health Service you will need to be a first year under graduate who is registered with Clerkenwell Medical Practice.