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Current students

Self-help resources

The Student Counselling Service has a small library of self-help books available for students to borrow. You may borrow one book at a time, for up to two weeks.

The books currently available are:


  • Surviving childhood sexual abuse, Carolyn Ainscough & Kay Toon
  • Overcoming Childhood Trauma, Helen Kennerley


  • Controlling your Drinking, William R Miller & Ricardo F. Minoz


  • Overcoming Anger and Irritability: a self-help guide using cognitive behavioural techniques, William Davies
  • Anger Control workbook, M MacKay; P.D. Rogers


  • Overcoming Social Anxiety and Shyness: a self-help guide using cognitive behavioural techniques, Gillian Butler
  • Don't Sweat the Small Stuff… and it's all small stuff: simple ways to keep the little things…, Richard Carlson
  • Overcoming Anxiety, Helen Kennerley
  • Self-help for your nerves, Dr Claire Weekes
  • Overcoming Health Anxiety, David Veale and Rob Willson


  • On Death and Dying, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross


  • Feel the fear and do it anyway, Susan Jeffers
  • How to Talk to Anyone: 92 little tricks for big success in relationship, Leil Lowndes
  • Instant Confidence: the power to go for anything you want!, Paul McKenna


  • Counselling for toads, R. de Board


  • Overcoming Depression, Paul Gilbert
  • I had a black dog, Matthew Johnstone
  • An Unquiet Mind, Kay Redfield Jamison
  • The Mindful Way Through Depression: freeing yourself from chronic unhappiness, Mark Williams

Eating disorders

  • Anorexia Nervosa: The wish to change, A H Crisp
  • Overcoming Anorexia Nervosa, Christopher Freeman
  • Getting Better Bit(e) by Bit(e), Ulrike Schmidt & Janet Treasure

Men's literature

  • Brain Manual: the step-by-step guide for men to achieving and maintaining mental well-being, Ian Banks

Mood management

  • Feeling Good - The New Mood Therapy, David Burns
  • The Feeling Good Handbook, David Burns
  • Mind over Mood: change how you feel by changing the way you think, Dennis Greenberger and Christine Padesky
  • Being Happy, Andrew Matthews


  • Overcoming Obsessive Thoughts, Christine Purdon
  • Overcoming Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, David Veale and Rob Willson

Panic Attacks

  • Panic Attacks, Christine Ingham
  • Pass Through Panic: freeing yourself from anxiety and fear (CD), Claire Weekes


  • The Procrastinator's guide to getting Things Done, Monica Ramirez Basco
  • The Now Habit: a strategic programme for overcoming procrastination and enjoying..., Neil Fiore
  • Eat That frog! 21 great ways to stop procrastinating and get more done in less time, Brian Tracy


  • Overcoming Relationship Problems, Michael Crowe
  • Families and how to survive them, Robin Skynner, John Cleese


  • Ultimate Relaxation (CD), Dr. Hilary Jones


  • Cutting it Out: a journey through psychotherapy and self-harm, Carolyn Smith
  • Harmless: Out of Harm's Way (DVD)


  • Change Your Life in Seven Days, Paul McKenna
  • Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman
  • Care of the Soul: How to add depth and meaning to your everyday life, Thomas Moore
  • The Compassionate Mind, P. Gilbert


  • Overcoming low self-esteem: a self-help guide using cognitive behavioural techniques, Melanie Fennell


  • I Can Make You Sleep, Paul McKenna
  • The Effortless Sleep Method, Sasha Stephens

Study skills/university life

  • How to Pass Exams without Anxiety, David Acres
  • Study Skills Handbook, Stella Cottrell
  • Beat Stress! The Exam Handbook, Anita Naik
  • Coping with Stress at University: a Survival guide, Palmer, S. and Puri, A.
  • How To Get A PhD, Estelle M Phillips and D S Puch
  • The Student's Guide to Exam Success, Eileen Tracy

Women's literature

  • Understanding women, Luise Eichenbaum and Susie Orbach
  • Fat is a feminist issue, Susie Orbach