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Current students

Econsultation service

We offer one-off econsultations, to support City students experiencing emotional and psychological challenges during their time at City

Econsultations are:

  • an online alternative to our face-to-face drop-in sessions
  • available to students who have not previously accessed the Student Counselling Service
  • suitable for students who would like a counsellor to offer a perspective on their situation, regardless of whether or not they wish to come for counselling
  • available to students who are in the UK.

This confidential service provides students with brief feedback on their difficulties, including advice and guidance on accessing:

  • options available through the Student Counselling Service
  • psychological and educational support services within City
  • psychological support services outside City (including through the NHS and private organisations)
  • appropriate self-help materials.

You may like to use this service if:

  • you would like help with thinking about appropriate avenues of support for the emotional and psychological challenges you may face;
  • you would like to clarify whether you could benefit from seeing a counsellor;
  • practical difficulties or emotional reservations have prevented you from seeing a counsellor;
  • you would find it easier to write down your difficulties than to discuss them face-to-face.

Please note: This is NOT an emergency service. If you are feeling desperate, are worried that you might harm yourself and/or need urgent help, please contact your doctor (GP) or NHS 111. You can also get some advice on what to do by clicking on

The econsultation service will NOT provide letters of support for students applying for extenuating circumstances. Requests for such documentation are only considered for students who have had at least one face-to-face consultation with a counsellor.

How does the econsultation service work?

  1. Enter your name, student ID number and email address in the form below and click "Submit".
  2. We will email a password to you. All further correspondence between you and the Student Counselling Service will be password-protected to safeguard confidentiality.
  3. We will send you a registration form and an econsultation form to complete and return to us by email.
  4. You will receive a reply from a counsellor within seven working days.

Please note: We will normally send only one email as a consultation.

If it seems that you may need further help, the counsellor will make suggestions for you.

To help us to plan our service, at the end of the consultation, we will ask you to provide brief feedback on your experience.

Need something quicker?

You can use the Student Counselling Service drop-in service to see a counsellor face-to-face for a brief meeting (up to 20 minutes).

The drop-in is available Monday to Friday 13:00-14:00 in the Student Counselling Service located in Student Centre on 1, Drysdale Building.

About the econsultation form

Your form will be submitted to Student Counselling Service. You will receive an immediate automated response. If this does not come through, your email address may be incorrect. Please check and resend the form or telephone the service on 020 7040 8094 with details of how we can contact you.

We will then email your password and consultation registration form to you. All further correspondence between SCS and yourself will be password protected to ensure confidentiality.

Personal Details

Please note: The consultation registration forms will only be sent to current City University London Email addresses. Requests sent from other addresses will be deleted.

Need assistance with this form?