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Current students

Counselling groups

The Student Counselling Service runs a range of groups - some long-term, others brief and focused on a particular issue

Why Groups?

Groups are a natural environment for students to talk about their lives and learn how to think about many of the difficulties that they experience. Time spent at university marks a period of significant transition and change for most students, no matter at what age they are undertaking their studies.  Such transitions are connected with every aspect of life - the situation left behind with families and 'home' - growing up and discovering who we are, in the process of doing so - dealing with new social situations and relationships - looking forward to the roles and responsibilities which may be waiting after graduation.

It is helpful to discover that you are not alone in experiencing difficulties, distress or confusion, to realise that others can understand you and help you to understand. Just as you can also be helpful to others, through speaking about your experience.

Current Groups

  • Long-Term Counselling Groups - on Tuesday afternoons , Thursday mornings and Thursday afternoons.
  • Group for Mature Students - on Thursday mornings

We run groups for students who have experienced a Bereavement. Please contact the service if you have been affected by bereavement and would like to discuss how we may provide you with help.