Current students
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  1. Student Counselling and Mental Health Service
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  3. Common issues
    1. Alcohol & drugs
    2. Anxiety
    3. Appearance
    4. Depression
    5. Eating disorders
    6. Exam stress
    7. Homesickness
    8. Panic attacks
    9. Procrastination
    10. Rape & sexual assault
    11. Relationships
    12. Sexuality
    13. Sexual problems
    14. Sleeping problems
Current students

Common issues

The following information deals with the many common issues faced by students today. However, the information is here as a reference and guideline only. Should you feel that any of these problems are interfering with your study or personal life, further help should be sought. Please do contact the Student Counselling Service and make an appointment to talk through your problem with one of our counsellors. The Student Counselling Service is free and confidential and no problem is ever too small.

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