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Current students

Health & safety

We aim to ensure that City, University of London provides a safe environment, and enables students to work, learn and carry out research in a safe manner.

What we do

  • We systematically assess health and safety risks and provide support and training to manage risks.
  • We continually monitor and review health and safety policies, procedures and arrangements.
  • We carry out investigations into students' health and safety concerns.
  • We ensure fire safety and emergency arrangements are in place and remain effective.
  • We aim to ensure City is legally compliant and follows best practice.

Your responsibilities

  • You must take reasonable care of your own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by your activities.
  • You must not misuse or interfere with anything that City has provided for health and safety reasons.
  • You should report any shortcomings in health and safety arrangements to your tutor or supervisor.
  • To report an accident, incident or near-miss, or if you require first aid please contact us or use the emergency number: 020 7040 3333.

Health and Safety Policy

For further information please download the City, University of London Health and Safety Policy Document.