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Rita the Repetitive Writer

Rita is a final year student, and she is trying to juggle a part time job alongside her lectures, coursework, and dissertation. She is therefore very busy and is very keen to save time when she can so that she can catch up with her friends and relax.

She has been given a media law and ethics essay to write, and she notices that part of the topic is very closely related to another essay that she wrote the previous year. To save time, she decides to copy and paste the relevant sections of her previous essay into her new essay. She got a good mark the first time, so she is confident of getting good marks again.

Shortly after submitting her work, Rita received an invite to an Academic Misconduct Panel to explain why there might be academic misconduct in her work.

Rita was confused about why there was such an allegation and double checked that she had put all of the references in properly.
The Panel explained that she had committed academic misconduct because she had re-used work that she had submitted previously and had been awarded credit for. They had identified this because her tutor recognised the work and submitted the essay to Turnitin which showed a positive match.

Rita was given 0 Marks for the work because she could not be given credit for the same work twice. The reason for this is to protect the academic integrity of the course, so that all students with a City University London degree are ensured a well respected degree for which people cannot cut corners.

Moral of the story

It is possible to commit academic misconduct by copying your own work.