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Pete the Cheat

Pete was given a lot of coursework and exams to submit all in the same month. It was a very daunting task, especially because it was also his sister's wedding at the same time and he was expected to support the family in arranging the event. He was trying his best to get everything done in time, but his banking law essay was just too much for him to do on time.

Whilst on the internet, he came across a company who would write a bespoke essay for him in exchange for a fee. It was guaranteed to be of a 2:1 standard, and it would be written and posted to him within 10 days.

Pete decided that just this once he would buy the essay. This way he would have time to focus on his other exams and coursework and still help with the wedding.
He submitted the bespoke essay that had been written for him. He was very pleased with it and was sure that it would do the trick.

When he got a letter through the post, he was shocked to see that it wasn't his results, but that he was invited to present his case to the Academic Misconduct Panel as he was suspected of cheating in his banking law coursework.

Although the essay was original and had been referenced properly, the tutor could tell that Pete hadn't written the coursework. The style of the writing and the choice of words were completely different to what Pete would normally submit. The other odd thing was that the sources that had been referenced were not sources that the tutor had recommended to the students, and none of the recommended reading had been cited. The Academic Misconduct Panel found Pete guilty of academic misconduct, and would not accept that the pressure he was under at the time was an excuse for his actions as he should have spoken to his tutors and arranged extensions to his deadlines rather than cheating. The Panel considered that this was a very serious offence and decided to refer the case to the Dean of Students under the student disciplinary regulations so that serious penalties such as suspension or expulsion from the University could be considered.

Moral of the story

It is better to speak to your tutor about any personal problems than to try to get work done quickly by cheating.