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Kate the Colluder

Kate is a first class student, who works hard and always finishes her work before the deadlines. True to form, Kate completed her Social Psychology essay a week before the deadline. She was very happy with what she had written, and was satisfied that she had referenced everything properly according to the School's rules.

A couple of days before the deadline, Kate's best friend Yasmin burst into tears. Yasmin told Kate that she had been having terrible trouble writing the essay because she found the topic difficult and because she had been having some problems with her family. Kate agreed to give Yasmin a copy of her essay so that she could look at it and get some ideas for what to write in her own essay.

A few weeks later, when Kate got her results letter, Kate was shocked to see that she had been accused of academic misconduct and had to see the Academic Misconduct Panel.
In the meeting, the Panel explained that two essays that were remarkably similar with over 30% of the content being identical had been submitted.

Kate explained to the Panel that she had lent her essay to Yasmin, but that she had told Yasmin just to get ideas from it. She didn’t mean for Yasmin to copy it.

The Panel awarded Kate 0 marks for the essay and allowed her to do a re-sit. They explained that they had to give Kate a punishment because they could not be sure exactly how much of the work was her own, and even if she had done the work herself, she had committed the offence of collusion by sharing her work with another student.

Moral of the story

Never share your work with other students, you don't know what they will do with your work, and the School won't know what is your work and what has been copied.