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  3. Student Stories of Academic Misconduct
    1. Fred the Fraud
    2. Kate the Colluder
    3. Luther the Lecture Notes Lifter
    4. Mustafa the Maths Mis-calculator
    5. Pete the Cheat
    6. Priya the Print Pincher
    7. Rita the Repetitive Writer
Current students

Student Stories of Academic Misconduct

Every year students get penalised for academic misconduct because they haven′t given credit to the source where they found the basis of the work.

Students have been penalised for using inappropriately:

  1. Published material (both paper materials such as books and journals, and online resources)
  2. Other students′ essays
  3. Their own previously submitted essays
  4. Lecture notes provided by lecturers

The overriding principle is that you must always give credit to your sources in order to get credit for your work. How you give credit depends on the rules adopted by your School.

Case Studies

The following case studies are based upon real students who have found themselves accused of academic misconduct. Find out where they went wrong so that you don′t make the same mistakes.