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Encouraging positive study skills by students and staff.

This is a resource for students and staff of City, University of London. Its main purpose is to provide information and ideas about plagiarism prevention and positive study skills all in one place. In particular, plagiarism and academic misconduct are often seen as grey areas and issues that are often misunderstood.

A central aim of the site is to promote a fuller understanding of these areas, and as a result minimise incidences of plagiarism. Please invest a little time to explore the site and discover how it can help you.

We have organised StudyWell under three main sections, each of which is further organised into other subsections and links. All the sections are intended to be of use to both students and staff, but where an area is aimed at a particular audience, we have pointed this out. The three sections can be looked at in any order depending on your needs, and are as follows:

In addition, the site includes a Frequently Asked Questions section.

What the website provides for students

What the website provides for staff