Web Programming using PHP/MySQL Part 2  Short Courses

Course Information

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Course Content

Students will learn how to develop real-world web applications with PHP and MySQL. Topics covered include object-oriented programming in PHP, PDO, database integrity, authentication, security and session handling, server side data validation, on-the-fly image generation, PHP libraries and Composer, and configuration of web development environments under Windows and Unix.

Tutor Info

Gerard Luskin is a freelance web designer and developer who specialises in building content management systems and bespoke web applications with PHP, MySQL and JavaScript. He has been involved in teaching web design and development technologies since 2007.


Successful completion of Web Programming with PHP/MySQL Part 1 or equivalent PHP/MySQL skills and completion of our introductory web authoring course Building Websites with HTML5 and CSS3, or equivalent (X)HTML authoring skills.

What will I learn?

  • Object oriented PHP (OOPHP)
  • Database interaction with PDO
  • Manipulating files and folders with PHP
  • Web services with cURL and JSON
  • Form processing, validation and file uploads
  • Sessions, cookies and data persistence
  • Website authentication and access control
  • Database integrity techniques (constraints, transactions, locks)
  • Working with Composer and third party libraries
  • Security pitfalls in web applications
  • Application design techniques and industry standard practices

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Build modular web applications
  • Use object oriented programming techniques
  • Keep track of users with sessions and cookies
  • Secure your PHP site
  • Integrate with 3rd-party web services using PHP
  • Process web forms robustly and securely.

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