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What will I learn?

Learning outcomes

Knowledge and Understanding

The student will:

  • Develop skills needed for plotting, planning and researching a novel
  • Learn to apply fictional techniques to their own work
  • Identify a range of fictional forms
  • Understand the narrative frameworks of varied literary and commercial novels 
  • Learn various strategies for the crucial revising and editing stages
  • Understand the benefits of a community of writers, and the feedback opportunities this engenders
  • Understand the book publishing industry through a variety of visits from writers, agents and publishers
  • Learn to apply constructive criticism to each others' work
  • Understand and demonstrate the discipline required to be a writer
  • Develop a responsiveness to language in the creation of fiction
  • Apply rhetorical skills of effective critical and creative communication, both oral and written, in the process of writing fiction
  • Research and apply findings to the planning of a sustained piece of fiction
  • Identify readerships and the wider commercial environment of the fiction market
  • Write and revise a sustained piece of fiction
  • Apply knowledge and skills to approach a literary agent and publisher
  • Present work to agents and publishers through an end-of-term reading

Transferable skills

The student will:

  • Demonstrate a capacity for independent judgement and thought
  • Practise skills in critical reasoning and appreciation
  • Produce written work to a stipulated length and deadline
  • Understand, question and apply a range of alternative perspectives

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