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Saturday 24 February 2018 10:00 - 16:30 1 day class £130.00 (Module 1) CS0321 Apply Now
Saturday 3 March 2018 10:00 - 16:30 1 day class £130.00 (Module 2) CS0321 Apply Now
Saturday 10 March 2018 10:00 - 16:30 1 day class £130.00 (Module 3) CS0321 Apply Now
Saturday 24 February 2018 10:00 - 16:30 3 1-day classes £350.00 (All Modules) CS0321 Apply Now

Course Content

The line between online and offline is becoming less distinct for both consumers and businesses. Consumers are increasingly sophisticated and highly connected, wanting products and information that is personalised, relevant and convenient with consistency across all channels.

During this intensive Strategic Digital Marketing short course students will gain an understanding of how practically to create a seamless online presence, ensuring continuity of message across all digital platforms in order to deliver an effective marketing strategy and measurable ROI.

The three intensive digital marketing courses can be taken as stand-alone modules or as a complete three-part course.

Course price: £130 per module
3 modules if booked together: £350

Why choose the Strategic Digital Marketing short course?

Our intensive Strategic Digital Marketing short course delivered in our central London location will provide students with a practical understanding of how to create a seamless online presence across multiple platforms, ensuring consistency of message with offline channels.

Learning from experienced Digital Marketing professionals, the three day intensive courses can be taken together or individually.

Tutor Info

Elliott King is a regular speaker on all things digital and CEO / Co-Founder of MintTwist, a successful and fast growing multi-national Digital Consultancy that works with brands such as the BBC, Discovery Channel and Master Chef.

Elliott started programming computers in the 1980's and has over 20-years of professional experience, helping hundreds of brands such as Roche Pharma, Virgin and Accenture to navigate and leverage the digital revolution.

His proudest accomplishments include:

  • The ongoing honour of leading the highly talented, committed and likeable group of individuals that is MintTwist
  • Being invited to address 100+ international NGOs at the United Nations (Geneva) on the ‘Future of Mobile Communications’.
  • Acting as a regular speaker on 'all things digital', for organisations such as UK Department of Trade and Industry, Federation of Small Businesses, Dubai Government and more.


Module 1: Digital Marketing Tools and Tactics

This intensive, one-day digital marketing course is for people who have a basic understanding of digital marketing and want a practical "know how" course to establish a solid foundation using the latest tools and tactics available to Digital Marketeers today.

Module 2: Digital Marketing Strategy Planning

Building a customer-centric marketing strategy involves understanding our customers' behaviour, mapping an associated buying journey and employing appropriate digital tactics and tools at the right times.  This course helps you to design an optimal sales and marketing funnel for your business by combining data, digital marketing strategy and real world sale tactics.

Attendees should have a solid knowledge of digital marketing tools and tactics.This is an excellent follow up short course for anyone who has completed the "Digital Marketing Tools and Tactics" course.

Module 3: Digital Marketing Strategy Management

This course looks deeper at the practical and theoretical techniques for successful strategy management: how we continually plan, execute and measure a marketing strategy. This course will look at tools and tactics for ensuring tasks are managed, the right results are measured and the right strategic direction is maintained.

Attendees should have a solid knowledge of digital marketing strategy planning.This is an excellent follow up short course for anyone who has completed the "Digital Marketing Strategy Planning" course.

English Requirements

Applicants must be proficient in written and spoken English.

What will I learn?

Module 1

Title: Digital Marketing Tools and Tactics


  1. To deliver a thorough understanding of the terminology and tools for digital marketing.
  2. To give you practical experience in setting up analytics and reviewing all your digital assets.
  3. To provide you with the tools and knowledge to research, plan, create and implement an integrated marketing campaign.
  • What makes a great website, great content, great user experience online
  • Build your digital profile using tools such as blogs, content marketing, and social media marketing, etc.
  • Getting found on the web: Paid search: Digital Advertising Organic Search: SEO, Video Search Engine optimisation
  • Setting up Content Marketing Plan: content creation , content promotion
  • Mobile Engagement
  • Social Media : application and best practice
  • Digital Measurement / Web analytics: Set-up, foundation and best practice
  • Developing clear measurable objectives

Module 2

Title: Digital Marketing Strategy Planning


  1. To audit of your competitors - (look at the industry sector and competitor data) - review all relevant external data to determine traffic numbers and market size of those channels
  2. To learn industry best practices for each channel
  3. To use data to develop an integrated digital marketing plan that drives competitor advantage.
  • Competitor Audits: Domain Authority Links (Internal and External) Key Word Ranking (SERPS), Keyword Trends; Competitor backlink analysis
  • Content Strategy / Digital PR and online reputation
  • Design, develop and deliver an engaging digital marketing proposition/experience.
  • A look at how to manage and understand In-depth analytics - analysis, funnels, reporting and ROI.
  • Developing Digital marketing strategy - situational analysis, objectives and KPIs, strategy models and implementation.

Module 3

Title: Digital Marketing Strategy Management


  1. A highly analytical course, focused on deducing unique insights from the data and how to adapt your strategy accordingly.
  2. To develop an integrated strategic digital marketing plan for your business. Strong focus on customer touch points, ROI and importance of adaptive strategies.
  3. To look at developing a unique dashboard to effectively measure marketing objectives.
  • Digital marketing trends and changes and how to incorporate this into your strategy
  • How to map your customer journey and key touch points
  • How to optimise your digital campaigns using advanced channel techniques and application - SEO, social media, e-mail, display
  • To create a dashboard to asses and determine the most effective digital and social media metrics, and analytics to assess the success of your digital marketing strategy and investments including ROI.

Teaching and Assessment

Informal assessment will take place through group discussion, class room activities, questions and answers sessions as guided by your tutor.

Each module is delivered as an intensive one-day short course on a Saturday between 10:00 and 16:30 offering you maximum flexibility. City’s central London location allows you to study in the heart of the city and gain access to world leading facilities.

A large part of the course will involve group discussion and but there is also a large emphasis on workshop activity.

You will gain a practical understanding of digital marketing during the first module and expand your skills with advanced knowledge of digital marketing concepts and actionable understanding of digital marketing tools and strategies.

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