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Portuguese Beginners Refresher Short Courses

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Key information

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Ideal for students with a basic understanding of portuguese, looking to fine tune their skills and grow in confidence. Revisit topics covered in the Beginners course with emphasis on fluency and pronunciation.

Why choose this course?

Delivered by native speakers, our Portuguese Beginners Plus short course is the ideal course for anyone who has completed our Portuguese Beginners course.

The programme is taught over ten weeks in the evening at our central London location.

Course overview

The focus of this course is consolidation of basic communicative skills such as dealing with daily life situations and an introduction to aspects of Brazilian culture and way of life. Upon completion of the third term learners should be able to deal with basic daily life situations and demonstrate understanding of basic Portguese language structures.

If you missed an October enrolment and you already have some knowledge of Portuguese, you can join the Portuguese Beginner Plus class in Term 2 or 3 but you will need to have your level assessed. You can do this by checking your level using our online guidelines.

What will I learn?

What will I learn?

Term 1

Topics covered

Greetings and introductions; nationalities; jobs; numbers; meeting people; leisure activities; time; eating and drinking; invitations; at the hotel; directions.

Grammatical structures

Verbs: ser, -ar,-er,-ir regular, estar, ir, ter, poder, preferir, querer in the present simple;  possessive and demonstrative pronouns; masculine and feminine nouns; prepositions em and de + definite article; present continuous; imperative; comparatives.

Learning objectives

  • Greetings;
  • Give and request personal information;
  • Bid farewell;
  • Communicate in the classroom;
  • Request information;
  • Suggest an activity;
  • Issue invitation;
  • Ask and say about time;
  • Order things;
  • Express gratitude;
  • Express desire and preference;
  • Request and give directions; complain.

Term 2

Topics Covered

Houses and flats; at the estate agent's; daily routine; Brazilian events throughout the year; Brazilian culture and art; parts of the body; health; appearance; character.

Grammatical Structures

pretérito perfeito of regular verbs -ar, -er, -ir, ser, estar, ter fazer, querer, poder, dar, ver; time adverbs; adjectives to describe appearance and character;  plural

Learning Objectives

  • Describe things;
  • Make comparison;
  • Say where something is;
  • Talk about experience in the past;
  • Talk about daily routine.

Term 3

Topics Covered

Work; rights; jobs; professions; clothes; cultural differences; family; celebrations; immigration.

Grammatical Structures

Pretérito imperfeito; verbs pôr, vir, vestir, trazer, saber, dizer; future; conditional; mais-que-perfeito.

Learning Objectives

  • Give opinion;
  • Make agreement ;
  • Confirm and define;
  • Describe something;
  • Offer help;
  • Express doubt, desire, worry and satisfaction;
  • Request permission;
  • Give advice;
  • Describe family relations.



Prerequisite knowledge

Learners should be able to demonstrate some basic knowledge of Portuguese without accuracy or intermediate level Spanish.  They might be able to give and request personal details, talk about routine and deal with some daily life situations such as shopping and going to restaurants without grammatical and lexical accuracy.

English requirements


Teaching & assessment

Teaching & assessment

There will be no formal assessment, but learning will be constantly assessed in the classroom.

Recommended reading

Recommended reading

Falar, Ler, Escrever; Gramática Ativa -  Brazilian Version and apps such as Duolingo and Memrise.