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Tuesday 16 January 2018 18:30 - 20:30 10 weekly classes £440.00 CS2770 Apply Now

Course Content

This course takes a strategic view of the dynamic characteristics and opportunities within the global luxury goods and services industry, one of the fastest growing areas in business. Built upon the principle of creating and developing a luxury brand, this course takes a detailed look into luxury, branding and management across the full value chain. Topics include a review of the three major players in the luxury world, luxury brand positioning, pricing, legal aspects, designing and implementing luxury brand strategies, creativity in luxury brand management and more. Through analysis of contemporary fashion companies, you will be introduced to the latest theories alongside professionally oriented implications in luxury brand management. Upon completion of the course, you will have acquired the ability to successfully develop, implement and manage luxury brand marketing campaigns.

Tutor Info

Saud Ahmad is a marketing consultant provides services to business clients. Saud holds a Master Degree in International Business from London Metropolitan University. He regularly consults with the executives from variety of fields to help create marketing solutions in today's business environment. Currently he is teaching marketing at different educational institutions in UK and Europe. His work focuses on how leaders, brands and organizations learn to communicate by telling their stories of identity.


Please note this is not a beginners course. Student  must have  an  understanding  of marketing concepts and practices.

English Requirements

Applicants must have fluency in English.

What will I learn?

1Brand management Fundamentals
2The Uniqueness of the Luxury Brand Industry II: Competitive Advantage requirements and successful business models in  the luxury brand industry and a review of three major players (LVMH, Richemont, and PPR Gucci)
3Luxury Brand positioning
4The Value chain and management issues: Retail vs. Wholesale, Pricing and the risk of the major key account
5The Luxury Brand: The value of a brand, Characteristics, Brands and Brand Signs and the legal aspects
6Designing and implementing Luxury brand strategies
7Creativity in Luxury Brand Management
8Luxury Retail Management
9Luxury Digital Marketing and Analytics
10Developing a Luxury brand equity measurement and management system

Recommended Reading

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Popular Marketing Magazines

  • Brand Equity
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  • Precision Marketing (Haymarket)

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