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iOS Programming Short Courses

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This iOS Programming Short Evening Course teaches experienced programmes how to programme and code for iOS. Knowledge of object orientated programming is required.

Course overview

iOS Programming is for those who can already program in a language such as Java, C++ or C# and can understand and implement Object Oriented programs.

This short course covers the fundamentals of iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad) Programming, including Objective C, Swift and the UIKit Framework. It also covers the use of Xcode and Interface Builder in creating iOS apps.

It is a hands-on course and feedback is given throughout.

Topics covered include the Objective C language, the new Swift language, UIKit and Foundation Frameworks, as well as the use of Interface Builder and Xcode.

Please note that you will need a MacBook for the course.

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  • “ Informative course and great tutor [who] has helped me very much through face-to-face and email communication. ”

    Erion Vlada

    Former student

What will I learn?

What will I learn?

  • The iOS development environment: Xcode
  • Objective-C syntax, language features and design patterns.
  • How to use Xcode Interface Builder and Storyboards
  • Autolayout basics: How to build flexible layouts for different devices sizes using Interface Builder.
  • View Controllers: The different types of view controller and when to use them. The view controller life cycle.
  • How to implement Table Views
  • The Basic Networking stack
  • An introduction to Swift (the new language for iOS development) and the differences
  • Deployment to the store: How to generate Certificates and Provisioning Profiles. Delivering your app to iTunes connect.

At the end of this course you will be able to build an iOS app from scratch and release it to the app store.



Prerequisite knowledge

This is not an introductory programming course; you will be expected to be able to program in a language such as Java or C++ and be confident with OO design practices.

Teaching & assessment

Teaching & assessment

Assessment is ongoing and a non-trivial application is developed independently by each student, built up over the course.