Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme (QLTS)  CPPD

Course Information

Start DateStart TimeDurationCostCourse CodeApply
Anytime MCT & OSCE Courses are distance learning with all-year round enrolment. MCT+: ~£1080; OSCE+: ~ £1970; Combined: ~ £2620 Apply Now
21-22 October & 28-29 October, 2017 OSCE+ Live Tuition / 9am-5pm on 2 weekends in October 2017 OSCE+: ~£1970 Apply Now
02-03 December & 09-10 December 2017 MCT+ Live Tuition / 9am-5pm on 2 weekends in January 2018. MCT+: ~ £1080 Apply Now

Course Content

The City Law School has partnered with QLTS Advantage to provide an online training course to prepare lawyers for the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme (QLTS) assessments administered by Kaplan UK. The scheme, implemented by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, gives lawyers from other jurisdictions the opportunity to qualify as a solicitor in England and Wales without having to complete domestic training.

Written by The City Law School and QLTS Advantage, the course prepares students for the QLTS assessments by providing self-paced online training and interactive support.

The training includes:

  • MCT and OSCE Study Guides
  • 1000+ mock exam questions for MCT
  • 100+ Interactive exercises for the OSCE
  • Audio and Video Lectures
  • Step-by-step Lexis/Westlaw Guidance
  • NEW OSCE Plus Classroom Training: 4 full days (two weekends) face-to-face tuition
    • One full day devoted to each legal skill assessed: Writing, Drafting, Research
    • Final exam tips for OSCE Parts I & II on format and presentation
    • Lectures to emphasize key areas of Day One Outcome C / D / F
    • Role-playing exercises for Interviewing / Advocacy Skills
    • Tutor-guided review of a complete assessment
  • NEW Live Tuition Weekends for all MCT enrollments – 4 full days face-to-face tuition
    • Master the 140 principles tested on the MCT
    • Discover the 'Logic of the Exam'
    • Sit a FULL mock exam under actual testing conditions

For Course details and fees, please visit QLTS Advantage.

Once the Multiple Choice Test (MCT) training and examination have been completed, students can go on to take the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE).  QLTS Exams are administered by Kaplan QLTS - the Solicitors Regulation Authority's sole approved provider of assessments under the new Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme.

How to apply

For more information about the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme, please visit QLTS Advantage or email Stephen Laurie.

Teaching and Assessment

The course gives you the skills and knowledge you need to take the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme Assessments. You are taught via online training materials created by The City Law School and QLTS Advantage, and also have the option to attend face-to-face revision sessions in London at The City Law School. This includes the NEW OSCE Plus sessions and MCT Live Tuition Weekends. Once the training has been completed you can go on to take the Multiple Choice Test and the Objective Structured Clinical Exam Parts 1 and 2.

The QLTS Exams are administered by Kaplan.

Career Outcome

This course prepares you to take the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme Assessments administered by Kaplan law school. Successfully passing the assessment leads to qualifying as a Solicitor and having the skills and credentials to work in 48 countries and 6 continents.


  1. “Convert” your already-acquired legal knowledge/experience into an international Solicitor's license.
  2. Leverage your dual-qualified status to secure positions with firms engaged in transnational commerce (i.e. Financial services, Intl. Arbitration, Aviation, Oil & Gas, Insurance and Assurance houses, Intl. trade divisions of large accountancy firms)
  3. Instantly gain the credentials for employment in 48 countries

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Application Deadline:

To apply, please download and complete our application form.

For more information about the the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme, please visit QLTS Advantage or email Stephen Laurie.