Newborn Assessment and Examination for Nurses and Midwives  CPD

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This study will equip you with fundamental knowledge and skills required when caring for a normal or sick baby either in the hospital or community setting.

Tutor Info

Rosemary Lanlehin is a neonatal lecturer, programme director for MSc Advance Practice in Health and Social care and Route Leader for BSC Nursing (Neonatal Route) in the Early Years Division, School of Health Sciences. She was a neonatal sister and clinical educator in a busy tertiary neonatal unit, at Homerton University Trust between 1997-2001 prior to her appointment at City.

Rosemary qualified as a Registered General Nurse in Nigeria, in 1988, and completed her Diploma in Professional Nursing Studies in the UK in 1993. She has since completed her teacher training in 1998, and was awarded DG Dip, HE. She later completed her MA in Higher Education and MSC in Social Research Methods and Statistics. Rosemary’s role as a Neonatal Lecturer and Clinical Link Lecturer enables her to develop curricula tailored to meet the needs of contemporary neonatal care. One of these curricula developments is the latest development of MSC Advance Clinical practice in Health and Social Care (Neonatal Route).

Rosemary is experienced in neonatal and paediatric intensive care with special interest in cardiac intensive care and parent satisfaction with care.


Nursing working with babies in the labour ward , postnatal ward and community.

What will I learn?

  • Newborn assessment and signs of illness in a baby
  • Observation of the newborn
  • Common postnatal condition
  • Communication and referral

Teaching and Assessment

  • Scenario based
  • Question and answer
  • Face to face teaching

Recommended Reading

  • Davies L and Sharon McDonald S (2008) Examination of the Newborn and Neonatal Health: A Multidimensional Approach: A Multidimensional Approach. Elsevier. London.
  • Lanlehin, R. (2012) Factors associated with information satisfaction among parents of sick neonates in the neonatal unit. INFANT, VOLUM E 8 (ISSUE 2), 1 - 4.
  • Lanlehin, R. Noble, H and  McCourt, C (2011) How well do midwives use skills and knowledge in examining newborns? British Journal of Midwifery * November 2011 * Vol 19, No 11
  • Lomax, A (2011) Examination of the Newborn: An Evidence Based Guide. Willey – Blackwell. Oxford

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