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My Home Life Leadership Support programme in London CPPD

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Key information

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Course overview

Delivery of the MHL Leadership Support programme for up to 16 care home managers over 12 months

Each group consisting of:

  • 4 day workshop delivered by 2 experienced facilitators
  • 7 Short days of Action Learning sets delivered by 1 experienced facilitator
  • 1 completion day (closure of group)

Course outcomes

Course outcomes

During the first two months of the leadership support programme, each group of 16 care home managers come together on 4 occasions (2 x 2 day workshop sessions) to learn about the evidence base for best practice and the importance of relationships to ensuring quality.  They examine their leadership style and consider their pivotal role as agents of change. These workshop days will help the Group reflect deeply on the skills and best practice required to transform the culture in their Care Homes.

Following the workshop days, the group of managers are split into morning and afternoon sub-groups for monthly action learning will support participants to take forward changes in their homes through a process of action learning (7 day sessions in total). Managers will meet as a whole group for lunch discussions.

Action learning involves learning through action.  It is a continuous process of learning and reflection, supported by colleagues, with an intention of getting things done. It recognises that individuals learn best when they learn with and from each other, by working on real problems and reflecting on their own experiences with the intention of achieving improvement and transformation in the workplace.

The Leadership Support Programme concludes with Validation and celebration. The day is important because it not only recognises the contribution made by the managers thus far but also encourages them to promote and sustain the Programme.

Highly experienced Action Learning facilitators are trained and supported by the My Home Life Team at City University, to lead the sessions.



Prerequisite knowledge

The success of the programme relies upon a commitment to attend all sessions. The first 4 dates have been confirmed as follows:

10th and 11th May 2017

6th and 7th June 2017

Followed by half day sessions as follows;

11th July

12th Sept

11th October

Followed by

5 further half days across 5 months.