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Managing Challenging Conversations Assertively City Health

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Key information

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Course overview

This course examines what we mean by Assertiveness, allows participants to reflect on factors that inhibit their assertiveness, develop techniques to overcome those inhibitions and apply the principles of assertiveness to challenging conversations. It will also examine Transactional Analysis and conflict handling styles.

Course content includes:

  • Definitions
  • Inhibiting factors and overcoming these
  • Listening Skills
  • Parent, Adult and Child communication styles
  • Responding to distressed or angry people
  • Different ways of dealing with conflict
  • Planned and unplanned conversations
  • Techniques to structure conversations
  • Skills practice

Please note that this course may be cancelled if minimum numbers are not met. In this instance all applicants will be offered a full refund. We would aim to provide notice of 7 days prior to cancellation.

Course outcomes

Course outcomes

  • Practical actions they can take to reduce inhibiting factors
  • An understanding of the importance of listening when being assertive
  • Techniques to improve listening skills
  • An understanding of the advantages and possible pitfalls of their preferred ways of dealing with conflict
  • Tips to develop their effectiveness in dealing with conflict
  • An assertiveness script to help plan assertive conversations
  • Increased confidence and ability to manage difficult, impromptu conversations



Prerequisite knowledge

Health professionals and support staff in managerial roles

English requirements

Applicants should be proficient in written and spoken English



This is a participative training session involving discussion, individual self-assessment, practical exercises and role play. Informal assessment will take place through group discussion and class room activities as guided by your tutor

Recommended reading

Recommended reading

Assertiveness at Work: A Practical Guide to Handling Awkward Situations by Ken and Kate Beck

I'm OK, You're OK by Thomas Harris

The Games People Play by Eric Berne