International Conference on Compressors and their Systems 2019
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International Conference on Compressors and their Systems 2019

Industry Day

13th September 2017

The Industry Day is dedicated to the challenges and opportunities for the compressor industry both nationally and internationally.
Representatives from the industry will talk about their companies and how they are responding to changes in technology or market demands, such as those due to economic, environmental or legislative changes. Seven talks have been selected for presentation from the companies in the United States of America, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Romania and the United Kingdom. These cover wide range of topics including design and manufacture of screw compressors, piston compressors, lubrication, sealing and materials issues.
Each presentation will last for 30 minutes which includes time for presentation and questions. Presentations are grouped in three consecutive sessions. Discussion forums will follow presentations in each session, and we expect that these will generate large interest and open discussion on issues important for the industry and academia.
In parallel with the sessions on the Industry day, participants will be able to visit the Conference Exhibition which comprises eleven exhibitors presenting their latest products and services. Exhibition, Industry day and technical sessions will offer great opportunity for networking and developing collaborations.

For the full conference program please click here

Presentations of the Industry Day

I1: Industry Presentations 1
Time: Wednesday, 13/Sep/2017: 9:30am - 11:00am; Location: B200
Challenges facing UK business operating with a global footprint – Part 2
Colin Carr
Precision Components Limited, United Kingdom

Mechanical Seal Selection for Rotary Compressors: A Case Study
Ryan Neris, Alfred Cooper
Ergoseal, Inc., United States of America

Design and testing of high pressure screw compressor
Marian Nitulescu, Valentin Silivestru, Niculae Toma, Cristian Slujitoru, Valentin Petrescu, Alexandru Serban, Ion Malael
National Institute for research and development gas Turbine -COMOTI, Romania

I2: Industry Presentations 2
Time: Wednesday, 13/Sep/2017: 11:30am - 12:30pm, Location: B200
Market development: Flap-X
Azhar Nawaz, Waqas Tofique, Chris Millward, Alexander Löf, Martin Sahlén
Voestalpine Precision Strip AB, Sweden;

Modern precision strip production for the most demanding valves
Araz Ardehali Barani, Paul Campbell, Manfred Haggeney
Zapp Precision Metals GmbH, Germany

I3: Industry Presentations 3
Time: Wednesday, 13/Sep/2017: 1:30pm - 3:00pm, Location: B200
Revolutionary new cylinder lubrication system XperLube
Gunther Machu

Lubricant Roadmap to the Changing Refrigerant Market
Joe Karnaz, Manuel Munoz, Liz Dixon, Chris Seeton
Shrieve Chemical Products, United States of America

Hardide CVD coating protects compressor parts against wear, particle erosion and corrosion.
Yury Zhuk
Hardide Coatings Ltd, United Kingdom