City Research & Enterprise Review 2011
  1. Health & Wellbeing
  2. Cultural Heritage
  3. Processes & Systems Improvement
  4. Government & Society at Large
  5. Effective Use of Energy
City Research & Enterprise Review 2011

Processes & Systems Improvement

no altThe art of information - data visualisation

City's giCentre is at the forefront of research and practice in data visualisation - an increasingly important series of techniques that provide access to data through interactive graphics. This work is having an impact in areas as diverse as local government planning and climate change research. Read full article.

no altTime is money - software to save the NHS millions

Research shows that electronic rostering could make inroads into the £150 million a year lost by the National Health Service (NHS) through workforce inefficiencies. Two Cass academics may have the solution. Read full article.

no altSensor sensibility - the future of sensor technology

City's Professor Tong Sun is pioneering the use of sensors to make the world a safer place. This innovative technology has a wide range of applications from spotting criminals to stopping bridges falling down. Read full article.

no altSeparation anxiety: how to double Europe's air traffic capacity

With air traffic over Europe expected to double by the 2020s, academics from City's Centre for Human Computer Interaction Design have undertaken research for a European Commission Framework 6 project that aims to help air traffic control services meet this growing demand. Read full article.