City Research & Enterprise Review 2011
  1. Health & Wellbeing
  2. Cultural Heritage
  3. Processes & Systems Improvement
  4. Government & Society at Large
  5. Effective Use of Energy
City Research & Enterprise Review 2011

Health & Wellbeing

no altMemory matters - understanding autism

City's Autism Research Group aims to increase our understanding of the memory processes of people with Autism. Professor Dermot Bowler and Dr Sebastian Gaigg explain how. Read full article.

no altThe Centre for Food Policy

City's Centre for Food Policy is the only university-based team in the world dedicated to examining the policy frameworks that span the entire food supply chain in the developed world.
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no altBright prospects for City's colour vision research

A pioneering study carried out by the Applied Vision Research Centre has the potential to revolutionise medical certification process for a large number of visually demanding occupational environments.
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no altHelping young Londoners communicate effectively

Young people with language and communication difficulties who live in two London boroughs have improved both their communication skills and their academic attainments as a result of City's Enhancing Language and Communication in Secondary Schools (ELCISS) programme.
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no altShedding light on performance and wellbeing at work

Professor Jo Silvester and Dr Efrosyni Konstantinou from the Centre for Performance at Work were commissioned by Phillips to undertake research into the work environments that can best meet the needs of 21st century workers. Read full article.