City Research & Enterprise Review 2011
  1. Health & Wellbeing
  2. Cultural Heritage
  3. Processes & Systems Improvement
  4. Government & Society at Large
  5. Effective Use of Energy
City Research & Enterprise Review 2011

Government & Society at Large

no altEurope under the microscope

Led by a team at City University London, the European Social Survey collects data from 34 countries to produce findings which inform social policy debate and analysis throughout Europe and beyond. Read full article.

no altImpunity and the rule of law

City's joint initiative with the University of Sheffield aims to end impunity for those responsible for acts of violence against journalists. Read full article.

no altUnsettling times ahead - Global environmental migration

Governments of many developing countries are devising extended programmes to combat the impact of climate change; however, some of the proposed measures are a cause of great concern as they have the potential to create climate refugees. Read full article.

no altMaking big business behave

City academic Professor Igor Filatotchev argues for a contextualised approach to corporate governance to ensure effective compliance with good standards of business behaviour. Read full article.

no altChinese law reform

Professor Adrian Keane from the City Law School is providing expert advice on improving a controversial new set of evidence rules for death penalty cases as part of a project team set up by the Chinese Centre for Criminal Procedure Reform, based at Renmin University, Beijing. Read full article.

no altDecoding the crisis

Dr Anastasia Nesvetailova is Reader in International Political Economy in the Department of International Politics. Her policy-related and media work translates theoretical narratives of international political economy into the current language of policymaking and governance.Read full article.

no altMoney talks

Ranked by online business education magazine Poets & Quantz as one of the Best 40 Business School Professors under 40, Professor Lucio Sarno is Head of the Faculty of Finance at Cass Business School. His recent research has shown that economic theory can be a valuable tool in predicting exchange rate movements. Read full article.