City Research & Enterprise Review 2011
  1. Health & Wellbeing
  2. Cultural Heritage
  3. Processes & Systems Improvement
  4. Government & Society at Large
  5. Effective Use of Energy
City Research & Enterprise Review 2011

Effective Use of Energy

The power of positive thinking

Established in 1995, City's Centre for Positive Displacement Compressors has become a global go-to resource for pioneering research and consultancy and is now turning its attention to green technology. Read full article.

Fuel for thought - City's Energy and Transport Research Centre>

The fundamental physical processes related to the efficiency of fuel and transportation systems, compression machines and combustion engines are the three cornerstones of the cutting-edge research undertaken by City's Energy and Transport Research Centre. Read full article.

From academia to industry

Among the many projects Professor Ahmed Kovacevic (pictured) is currently promoting with wider industrial partners are the research and development (R&D) activities of Howden Compressors Ltd., a major UK compressor manufacturer. Read full article.

Growing in the wind

City's postgraduate students can try their hand at commercialising the University's research with the London City Incubator. Read full article.